Magical Monday: Some of My Favorite Easter Eggs

Disney movies are very well known for their cleverness. If you haven’t heard of Disney movie easter eggs, allow me to explain what these are – no they’re not literal easter eggs hidden throughout movies, instead they are little hidden secrets (such as characters, disney history, etc) hidden throughout Disney films. I wanted this to be a list of my favorite Easter Eggs, but after really thinking about that – I’m not sure if I could ever choose however many favorites because I love them all. So instead I chose some of the ones I love the most. And I’d love to hear which ones of yours you love that I didn’t include!

This one is from Up. You can see the Pixar ball (yellow ball with red star) that is actually in a lot of Pixar films, and if you look in the bottom left corner by the bed, you see Lotso from Toy Story 3!


This is from Hercules. At one point Hercules is posing for a man who is painting him on a vase and he’s wearing Scar as a headdress. Scar is from Lion King. I remember seeing this when I was younger and thinking it was so sneaky and clever. I still think that, actually.


This next one is from Tangled. When Flynn takes Rapunzel to the Snuggly Duckling, there is a wide shot where, if you look quick, you can see Pinnochio hiding up near the ceiling!


This is from Aladdin and another one that really impressed me as a youngin’. When the Sultan is building his little animal pyramid, you quickly see the Beast from Beauty and the Beast!


This one is for sure in my top 5. This is from Ratatouille. When Remi is running around the city you see the shadow of who? Dug!! My favorite Disney dog! Dug is from Up. And now I want to watch Up. (but skip the first half because I’m not in the mood to cry my eyes out currently)


In Tarazan when Terk and her friends sing Trashin the Camp – while totally trashing the camp, you get a glimpse of Mrs. Pots and Chip from Beauty and the Beast!


This one is from Finding Nemo and I love it. At a scene at the Dentist Office when things appear to be getting crazy in the office, you see the waiting clients in the waiting room. The boy who nervously looks up is reading a Mr. Incredible comic!


And ending this post with one of my all time favorites – another from Hercules. The Muse’s are lined up just like the signing busts in Haunted Mansion – my very favorite Disney attraction. How can this not just make you smile?


So theres a few I love. Maybe I’ll have to do another post like this in the future so I can include even more I love. Which are your favorites?




Weekly Happy


One: The other day I sent a Snapchat to Wild Man that was of me holding H while he slept. Wild Man responded with, “I wish I could hold him when he naps,” and it was one of those things that kind of struck me. Like I’m really lucky that my ‘job’ is to hold the worlds cutest baby while he falls asleep and spend pretty much 24/7 with him. Sometimes its really nice to be reminded of how fortunate and blessed I am.

Two: You know Costco’s giant muffins? Lately I’ve had a deep obsession with them. The chocolate ones are everything to me and don’t tell me they aren’t healthy – I don’t care. They make me happier than any other food currently so I will keep proudly devouring them.

Three: Its Prom season and I have had the cutest high school girls coming into my spa to get lash extensions, brow waxing, etc and its so much fun!

Four: Disney planning. I’ll leave it at that for now. (woo!!)

Five: H is at such a fun stage. All the sudden he’s acting so much older and more mature. His personality has always been strong but its coming out even bigger and bolder now and I love it. He’s getting even better at reading people and knows the exact moment when someone could use a kiss or a snuggle. He is a little joy and is honestly happy 98% of the time (that 2% is while we are at church, i swear) and we are just smitten by this funny little dude.



Magical Monday: My Fear of Captain Hook


Disney is known for their amazing story telling and producing incredible characters. Some characters are scarier than others. Growing up I had reassuring nightmares about Horace and Jasper (Cruella Deville’s henchmen on 101 Dalmatians) kidnapping me so I obviously had a fear of them – which now is pretty funny to me because they really aren’t very scary. Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog is pretty creepy. And you’re lying if you don’t think Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas is terrifying. I grew up watching Peter Pan quite frequently and Captain Hook is the villain – but he’s not a very intimidating villain in my opinion. I actually have always enjoyed him. He’s funny, he tries hard, he has some kind of charisma about him. So as far as villains go, he’s not a very scary one to me.

Until I go to Disneyland. I don’t know why but every time I see Captain Hook in Disneyland I feel like a little kid who’s terrified of that big character looming around them. My family really likes going to Plaza Inn for breakfast and having breakfast with Minnie Mouse and some of her friends. One of her friends thats always at breakfast is (as I’m sure you’ve guessed) Captain Hook. From a distance he is fine, but when he comes and visits our table its like he can smell my fear. Here are two examples of why I have a fear of this hook-handed man. One time he stood by me while I finished my breakfast and he didn’t care that I told him I was full. He would point at what to take a bite of next then clap and laugh. Its funny right? Right! So why was it scary to me? Last time we were there, he had me stand up to take a picture with him and he was kissing my hand and not letting me get too far away from him. Then he noticed I had a wedding ring and he wasn’t too happy with that – if you look closely at the picture above, you can tell he is actually trying to take my ring off! (sorry Captain Hook, we aren’t going to play with my wedding ring – thats valuable) Not to brag, but Captain Hook has a thing for me — and I guess it scares the heck out of me!

So there you have it. That is the reason Captain Hook (just at Disneyland) is the Disney character I fear. Is it weird and irrational? Yep. But it is what it is.



Its April! (also i hate april fools day)


Here is a fun fact about me: I have always loved April. Its my favorite month name. Its the month that brings color back to the world and its just pretty.

If 2017 has taught me anything so far, its been not to expect anything from the coming month. It goes a lot better when I just let things happen and take them in stride. That is what I plan on doing a lot more of this month. ::fingers crossed::

I don’t really have any plans for this month and while that feels weird, it also feels really refreshing and freeing. But some of the things I’m counting on doing/enjoying are:

  • WATCHING GENERAL CONFERENCE! Oh my heck I’m so excited. General Conference weekends (there are two in a year) are some of the weekends I look forward to the very most. I can’t wait to hear council from the leaders of our church and to be able to apply the council to my life and to set new goals for myself based off of what I hear during Conference.
  • Playing outside even more. H and I have been loving the nice weather and I won’t go into a lot more detail because I feel like I talk about this in every post lately.
  • Watching Dancing with the Stars. A new season started. I’ve already got my favorites and I’m invested.
  • Keep on going on this healthy train. You guys. I’m proud of myself! I have been eating so well lately and I have actually even cut out a lot of Diet Coke (gasp!) from my diet too. I have been exercising and I just feel good!

And thats really all on my to-do list. Like I said, I’ll let the month take me where it will. I’m excited to spend time with my family, relax and enjoy the weather.

Now lets talk about something very important to me. Today is April 1st, also known as April Fools Day. I despise this day. Why do we have to have a day where we tease each other, pull pranks and scare the heck out of people? I have just decided on this day to believe, trust and confide in no one. I just have to get through this day with my head down and anxiously look forward to April 2nd. Who’s with me??