Its April! (also i hate april fools day)


Here is a fun fact about me: I have always loved April. Its my favorite month name. Its the month that brings color back to the world and its just pretty.

If 2017 has taught me anything so far, its been not to expect anything from the coming month. It goes a lot better when I just let things happen and take them in stride. That is what I plan on doing a lot more of this month. ::fingers crossed::

I don’t really have any plans for this month and while that feels weird, it also feels really refreshing and freeing. But some of the things I’m counting on doing/enjoying are:

  • WATCHING GENERAL CONFERENCE! Oh my heck I’m so excited. General Conference weekends (there are two in a year) are some of the weekends I look forward to the very most. I can’t wait to hear council from the leaders of our church and to be able to apply the council to my life and to set new goals for myself based off of what I hear during Conference.
  • Playing outside even more. H and I have been loving the nice weather and I won’t go into a lot more detail because I feel like I talk about this in every post lately.
  • Watching Dancing with the Stars. A new season started. I’ve already got my favorites and I’m invested.
  • Keep on going on this healthy train. You guys. I’m proud of myself! I have been eating so well lately and I have actually even cut out a lot of Diet Coke (gasp!) from my diet too. I have been exercising and I just feel good!

And thats really all on my to-do list. Like I said, I’ll let the month take me where it will. I’m excited to spend time with my family, relax and enjoy the weather.

Now lets talk about something very important to me. Today is April 1st, also known as April Fools Day. I despise this day. Why do we have to have a day where we tease each other, pull pranks and scare the heck out of people? I have just decided on this day to believe, trust and confide in no one. I just have to get through this day with my head down and anxiously look forward to April 2nd. Who’s with me??



One thought on “Its April! (also i hate april fools day)

  1. Hi,
    I came across your recommended blog from WP, after reading another post.

    I have to disagree with your hatred of April Fool’s day. In part b/c it’s my birthday. 🙂
    However that said, there’s a reason behind the holiday. Way back when it was actually the start of the New Year was April 1st and not Jan 1. However the Pope decided that everyone would move to a new “Gregorian” calendar, which moved New Years to Jan 1.

    The “teasing” was said to have evolved when those who ignored this change or didn’t know, still celebrated the New Year on April on – and were considered fools. So it really wasn’t necessarily as mean spirited as some can take it today, but has a religious connection….

    Since it’s my birthday, I pretty much always enjoy it, and am often a target of jokes, but… I try to think of people doing it in good fun vs. with malicious intent. Perhaps this year’s biggest joke tho’ was the snow storm that hit on 4/1. Not fun when we’ve crossed into the first 1-1/2 weeks of spring.

    Perhaps this will give you a new perspective on the “holiday?”
    K of TAF


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