Weekly Happy


One: The other day I sent a Snapchat to Wild Man that was of me holding H while he slept. Wild Man responded with, “I wish I could hold him when he naps,” and it was one of those things that kind of struck me. Like I’m really lucky that my ‘job’ is to hold the worlds cutest baby while he falls asleep and spend pretty much 24/7 with him. Sometimes its really nice to be reminded of how fortunate and blessed I am.

Two: You know Costco’s giant muffins? Lately I’ve had a deep obsession with them. The chocolate ones are everything to me and don’t tell me they aren’t healthy – I don’t care. They make me happier than any other food currently so I will keep proudly devouring them.

Three: Its Prom season and I have had the cutest high school girls coming into my spa to get lash extensions, brow waxing, etc and its so much fun!

Four: Disney planning. I’ll leave it at that for now. (woo!!)

Five: H is at such a fun stage. All the sudden he’s acting so much older and more mature. His personality has always been strong but its coming out even bigger and bolder now and I love it. He’s getting even better at reading people and knows the exact moment when someone could use a kiss or a snuggle. He is a little joy and is honestly happy 98% of the time (that 2% is while we are at church, i swear) and we are just smitten by this funny little dude.



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