I didn’t do an April GBOMB. I started one about 1,000 times but just never stayed motivated enough to finish it or have any amount of pride in what I wrote. But I’m finally starting to figure out how to function while feeling sick all the time and I hopefully won’t be slacking too much more.


  • I’m pregnant! It still feels really good to be able to say that so I have an ‘excuse’ to feel/look the way I do. Its also just exciting. I am in my second trimester now and it is this strange feeling of ‘wow that came fast’ and ‘i have been pregnant forever’. I generally hear that your pregnancies go a little faster once you already have a kid because said kid distracts you and keeps you busy. So far I think I agree with this mostly.
  • H had his 18 month well-check the other day and he is doing so good and is so healthy. I’m very thankful for my sweet boy. I try really hard not to take for granted the fact that he’s developing perfectly, that he grows healthy and strong every day and that he is a good, smart boy. IMG_0850.jpg
  • My parents opened their pool (in April, actually) and we have been loving going over and using it a bunch. H is so dang confident in the water. Its both adorable and terrifying. He has a little floaty thing he sits in and he’s usually content to sit and float, splash, enjoy the scenery and some toys, but sometimes he gets brave and tries to climb out. Of course this always happens when we are in the deep end too. He’s a brave one – and thats rough when your mom is a professional worrier.
  • I broke out my maternity clothes. I know I don’t need to wear them yet, but gosh they’re just so much more comfortable! I remember after having H saying that I planned on wearing maternity clothes for long after I had him and my body back. If we’re being honest, I feel like I stopped wearing them too quickly.


  • Sciatic pain, back spasms and hip aches are here in FULL force. I feel like this is early. Maybe its not, I don’t know. But one thing for sure is that it kills and I am being cruelly reminded of my embarrassingly low pain tolerance.
  • We haven’t even been home from Disneyland a full month yet but I have been fighting a real case of the Disney Blues. I miss that wonderful, magical place.
    IMG_5865 (1)
  • Ok this is kind of embarrassing, but a week ago I got quite a bit of syrup in my hair and for the life of me I cannot get it all the way out! So I have this permanent little sticky, tangle in my hair thats driving me crazy. I’ve washed it, I’ve washed it again. I have used a few different products in my hair and though its getting better, its still not gone. So annoying.
  • I went to a mommy/baby playdate this month and I ended up being so discouraged by it. It felt like a place where moms met together to let their children run wild while they hardcore bashed on their husbands. I felt so surrounded by grouchy, unhappy, negative people and it was so unpleasant. Thankfully H had a great time running around with the other little kids, but I kind of hated being there. They’d complain about their husbands then look at me like they were waiting for me to bash on my husband. Maybe most peoples marriages are really crappy, I don’t know. But I’m in a happy marriage and don’t actually enjoy complaining about Wild Man and freely talking about his faults. Thankfully H had a blowout and I didn’t have wipes so we merrily made our way back home early. Can’t we just hang out as moms and have fun? I’m all for venting sessions – those are great and necessary from time to time – but this was just too much.


  • I’m in this weird place where I want time to fly but also slow way down. November is on my brain a lot because thats when this baby is due, but its also the month that H turns two. I’m in denial that he’ll be a two year old and it makes me emotional. I would love for him to stay small forever, but I know thats obviously not going to happen. Then theres also the impatient part of me that wants November to get here quick so I can smooch on this new one! Thoughts are weird. IMG_5807
  • On the 27th Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT in California Adventure and Pandora – The World of Avatar in Disney World’s, Animal Kingdom opened. Of course I’m bummed I’m not there for the debut of either of them, but I have spent a large portion of my time on social media living vicariously through the people who are there and really enjoying it.
  • I haven’t colored my hair since a few months before H was born. I decided to embrace my natural color and let it grow out. My original plan was to not color it again until I started going grey. Well wouldn’t you know it, I’m now itching to color it again. I probably won’t. But also maybe I will. I like changing it up, I just really hate having to fill in my roots so often (I have very fast growing hair).



One thought on “May GBOMB

  1. I’m sorry about the sciatic pain and other pregnancy aches. It definitely comes earlier the second time around. But I’m so excited for you becoming a mom of two. It’s hard, but so much fun.


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