Mom and Dad


Today my cute parents are celebrating yet another year of their marriage!

I know this is so cliche to say, but I really owe a lot of who I am to my mom and dad. They have always been very involved parents who religiously put their children first and established really great relationships with the three of us. I never went through the phase of life where my parents embarrassed me or where I didn’t like them – and I think I can safely say my two little sisters feel the same way. I never understood how rare and special that was until I got older and realized a lot of people had much more rocky, complicated relationships with their parents. We all learned at a very young age how important and valuable family is the way we all translated that was by being very best friends. My parents always created a lot of trust between us so I was never afraid to tell them…pretty much everything. I didn’t feel like I needed to keep secrets from them because they were so understanding, not pushy and patient.

My relationship changed with my parents after getting married. I definitely saw that they recognized I was an adult, living with my husband and growing our family and they have always been so respectful of that big change. They have never tried to control me and my families decisions in any way, they have always allowed us to feel pride in the fact that we are adults and our own family unit now and ultimately get to decide what is best for us – even when that means they get the short end of the stick. They offer advice when asked and offer help every time its needed.

I have always known what incredible parents they are, but I saw that love grow to a new, special kind of love once I had my son. They are the cutest grandparents. They love my little boy and I know they will love all of my future kids the same way and it has provided me with so much comfort and joy. Just like they did with my sisters and I as little ones, they have created a meaningful relationship with H and he knows they love him, care for him and are there for him. I can’t put into exact words just how much I love knowing that we live so close to them and my kids can grow up with their grandparents so close and so caring.

Happy Anniversary to two of my favorite people. You have taught me so much about the kind of parent I hope to be, about the kind of person I should strive to be and about how to create happiness in my home, my marriage and my family life. I love you both!



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