August GBOMB


  • We have officially entered the THIRD TRIMESTER! November is going to be here sooner than we know it and I am thrilled.
  • My sister-in-law had her fifth child – a beautiful little baby girl and she’s just the sweetest little thing. There is nothing like a newborn.
  • I passed my final glucose test! No Gestational Diabetes for me this time around! I could not be more excited about this, seriously. GD was HARD when I was pregnant with H and made me 100% more emotional and blah. I cannot even express how grateful I am to not have it and be done with the tests. I have been dreading the tests since the day I found out I was pregnant so to have them all end with good news is wonderful.
  • We had a fun family trip with Wild Man’s side of the family to Fortine, Montana. It was hot and tiring, but so, so much fun. H was in heaven being able to play with a bunch of his cousins and throw rocks into the lake. I enjoyed all the time to sit and relax and Wild Man was able to live up to his adventure-name (ha) and explore, mountain bike, hike and all that other stuff he loves to do. It was a great time. IMG_7180
  • My cousin got baptized. I haven’t been to a baptism for a little while now and I forgot how sweet and exciting they are. It was a good reminder for me to be able to think about what being baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost has done for my life and how thankful I am for that.
  • Mom and Baby pool parties are still going strong and they are just the best.
  • H and I have been watching even more than usual Disney ride videos on YouTube, along with parades and shows. I love how into it he gets. I cry almost every time watching and I’m pretty sure thats not pregnancy hormones – I can almost guarantee I’d cry even if I weren’t pregnant. Disney is just important and special to me and to see it be something my son loves makes me super proud.


  • In July my morning sickness wasn’t gone, but it was so much more bearable. This month its come back in full force. It stinks, but I know how to deal with it by now and I only have three more months until I’ll be done with it and next thing I know I’ll be missing pregnancy once again. So I can’t really complain too much. IMG_7271
  • A few nights ago our smoke detector randomly went off a few times in the middle of the night. It freaked us out and we jumped out of bed to investigate but there was no fire – no matter how many times it went off – and seeing as we’re all still alive and well I’m guessing it wasn’t carbon monoxide either. But that’ll really shake you! Fire alarms when you have your family in the house will give you terrible anxiety. The next day we were all so sleep deprived and pretty cranky. We’re just glad thats over. And I guess we’re also glad to know our smoke alarms work and are VERY loud.
  • My heartburn has been awful lately. I have only taken Tums to try and help it and its not working very well.


  • I couldn’t decide if I should put this under the Good or Bad category so I’m sticking it here. We were released from our calling as Sunbeam teachers (3-4 year olds) in church. We loved the kids and were finally getting through to them, but I was exhausted. So I was happy and sad all at the same time. I’ve posted about this already, but being able to sit and really enjoy church and listen to lessons now has been rejuvenating and much needed. IMG_7212
  • Mickey’s Halloween Party is coming up at Disneyland and I’m anxiously counting down the days. I’m pretty sure we know what we are going to do for our family costumes (disney themed, obviously) and I honestly can’t let myself think too much more about it or I start going insane.
  • My friend Danica put on a really cool week long online planning class and now I am feeling SO motivated to be a planning queen extraordinaire. Will that happen? I don’t know – hopefully. I have all these new ideas and this new motivation and maybe I’m a dork, but this makes me so excited.
  • Taylor Swifts new song. Isn’t this on everyones mind right now? The debates on social media have been crazy and very opinionated. My thoughts? I think I do like the song. Its darker than the old Taylor, but as we know now – she’s dead. I’m interested in seeing what her new stuff is going to sound like. I’m all for someone being tough and changing it up, but I hope she’s not going to be this new artist thats dark and angsty all the time. We’ll see!
  • I bought (Disney) baby swaddles for baby brother. Did I need them? No, not at all. H had a ton and they’re still in great condition. But these ones were so cute and I couldn’t resist. Now I feel kind of silly because seriously he’s going to have so many. But it just struck me that its less laundry I’ll have to do. So never mind, I’m cool with it.
  • I know its like the dead of Summer right now but every once in a while we get a taste of Fall in the air and I AM SO EXCITED! Once September hits I go into full Fall mode – I cannot wait. IMG_7354





Today I am officially 28 weeks pregnant which means, hello THIRD and FINAL trimester!! It is crazy to me how fast this milestone has come. I feel like I need to hurry quick to finish up all the last minute baby things I need to do because November is going to be here in just a couple more blinks of an eye, I swear! I’m certainly not complaining though. I’m really, really excited to meet this baby boy and for H to meet his brother and to watch their friendship begin. The end of pregnancy is so anxiety-ridden but also super exciting. Now just to work on my patience…


Not a whole lot has changed since my last update but I’ll throw in a few bullet points just so I can remember someday.

  • The. Pressure. Down. There. I don’t want to get gross or graphic but its a painful situation and gets worse every day. I love being pregnant and I try really hard to be positive and grateful for everything my body is going through while I’m growing this child, but this is one thing I will not be sad to be rid of once I have this baby.
  • Nothing new at all, but the hip, back and leg pain is still very much there and very much annoying. Wild Man is my dream man though and has figured out some things to do that give me temporary relief and I’m so thankful for that. He bought me the TheraCane and it looks silly and made up but its been a huge lifesaver. If you’re pregnant and experiencing back, hip or leg pain please do yourself a favor and get this because it will be a huge blessing in your life.
  • I got my diabetes test back! Are you ready for this? I passed! But just barely – like seriously barely. I am .1 away from being the number that classifies you as having GD. My doctor was oh so kind and said that he won’t put me on the super strict diet like I was on last time, but he encouraged me to take it easy on the foods that can really trigger crashes and to listen to my body and talk to a nutritionist. I couldn’t…still can’t…decide if this is good or bad news. I’m thrilled not to be for real diabetic, but I still wish I could have been 100% in the clear.
  • A few weeks ago the crazy morning sickness started up again. I never really got rid of it during my second trimester but it was at least a little better. But its back now!
  • Baby is so wiggly! My belly looks like the ocean waves and I feel like I am always trying to be ready for an unexpected kick or jab in my belly. Its so much fun. I love being able to feel that little person inside of my stomach.
  • I don’t like the way clothes look on me right now. I am just sick of all the clothes I have so I usually end up in leggings and one of Wild Man’s t-shirts.
  • Because I’ve been gaining weight this pregnancy (i gained only a few pounds with H) I have been thinking a lot more about my body after baby. I haven’t even gained a lot (i think i’m at like 13 or 14 lbs now?) but I’m getting myself all anxious about getting my ‘pre-baby body- back. Its way too early to be worrying about this and there is literally nothing I can do right now, but for some reason its very much on my mind.

I’m not sure how many more updates I’ll do before I actually have baby. Its crazy to think that my next doctors appointment will be when I am 32 weeks! Time is flying and it scares me but I’m lovin’ it!



Update on the Frenemies

You guys. I really like our puppy. She is almost five months old and we have had her about three months and a lot has changed with her since the day we got her. Not only has she grown so much bigger and taller, but she has also really started shaping into the dog we have dreamed about for our family and this thrills me. She is still a puppy and she still gets a little wild (like chewing on things she shouldn’t, jumping up on people or the couch and being a little stubborn when it comes to her training) but all things considered she is GREAT.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but my favorite thing about this girl is how patient she is with H. He sits on her, pulls on her, invades her space, pokes her eyes, tries to drag her by her legs, whacks her, pulls her around by her collar, etc and never once has she retaliated. She patiently lets him do his thing or will simply change locations.

They are becoming cute little snugglers and I try to capture those moments whenever they happen then I’ll send the picture off to Wild Man at work and tell him this is what I pictured when I imagined our family dog.


She genuinely loves H. We always say that he is her favorite owner and its quite obvious (don’t worry – pretty sure I’m her least favorite) and oh so adorable. For a long time when she went into H’s room it made me nervous because there are so many books, toys, clothes, shoes and stuff in there that she’d be overjoyed to chew on. Only until recently do I let her spend any amount of time in there but its always been with close supervision. But just in the last few days she follows H in there and will just lay in there and watch him play without – well usually without – chewing on anything of his. Sometimes she’ll even go grab one of her own toys and bring them into his room so she can play too. They play so nice next to each other and with each other. I love it!

As usual, life with our puppy is busy and the bigger my belly is getting and the more my hips and back are hurting I can easily find myself questioning why on earth we got a dog – but we really do love our girl! She’s good. She’s catching on to the way our family works. She *tries* to be obedient. She loves us. Its a good situation.



I’m Still Glad I Said Yes

Five years ago today Wild Man asked me to marry him. I wrote about how he popped the question last year which you can read here if you’re interested. I don’t know if its weird to really celebrate the day that you got engaged, but I like to. Its not like we have a full on celebration – heck we hardly do anything special for our wedding anniversaries, typically, but I still like to talk about it. Because saying yes to marrying someone and agreeing to being sealed to them for time and ALL eternity (if you’re LDS) is a really big, life changing deal!

I have always been a hopeless romanic. I’m actually a little embarrassed about it because I was so pathetically in love with the ideal of being in love and in a forever love that people were probably so annoyed with me. The hopeless romantic stuff has changed since getting married because its no longer something I am wishing for and dreaming about – I’m living it! But as dorky and cliche as it sounds, I never could have imagined a marriage like the one I have. It really is so good. Better than I could have ever written about when I would write imaginary blog/journal posts about my imaginary marriage (heck yes i was that girl).

Wild Man and I have built a really solid marriage. We are coming up on 5 years of marriage now and 6 years of knowing each other and I’m actually really proud of us. We have a really good thing going and I feel like its only going up, even when there are rocky days and hard times. Every week we try and assess our life, our communication, our mental health and wellbeing and it immensely helps us grow as a partnership. We are able to resolve disagreements quickly, I feel like we genuinely are good at hearing the other person out and respecting the others opinions and compromising. We have an amazing, happy relationship and in result we have an amazing, happy marriage.

*of course it is not perfect – i’m not trying to imply that – we are far from perfect, i’m just focusing on the good stuff right now because anniversary!*

We have one sweet, sweet son who is 20 months old and our greatest accomplishment and biggest source of joy. He has brought us even closer together. He’s challenged us in ways nothing else could have and its helped us strengthen our marriage. I am pregnant with our second child and I know that this little boy will do the same thing for our marriage and teach us things as a couple that only he could do. I’m excited to face it all head-on with Wild Man.

I’m so grateful for Wild Man. I honestly wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t know him and have his constant example and support in my life. I’m thankful that he took a chance on his weird stalker (haha because thats basically what i was – seriously!) and that he liked me enough to put a ring on my finger! He’s an amazing man with a heart of gold and the biggest most selfless, caring person I know. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to be married to him.


Happy Engaged-iversary, Wild Man! I love you to infinity and beyond.



The Book of Mormon

A couple of weeks ago Wild Man and I were released from our callings in church as the Sunbeam teachers (kids ages 3-4). It was an entertaining calling and we both miss it more than we thought we would, but at basically 6 months pregnant I’m not going to lie – I am loving that I don’t have to chase these little ones for two hours during church anymore. Towards the end of our time in this calling I realized my attitude towards church was a little more negative because I didn’t love the calling I had. I know sometimes you’re called to callings that stretch and challenge you – and this one definitely did but the wind was definitely being taken out of my sails and I was very thankful to be released. I’d informed them that come November I wouldn’t be attending church much anyway while I kept my newborn quarantined. So it worked out. But this is all talk for a different post on a different day.

Now that I am released I get to go to Relief Society. I love Relief Society. I love being able to sit in the same room as a bunch of other great women just trying to do their best, be good moms/wives and be friends. My favorite part of being released from Sunbeams is absolutely that I get to be in Relief Society again. H is in nursery and loves it so its an hour just to myself – its therapeutic and wonderful.

Our lesson last week was one that really struck me. It was about The Book of Mormon and to be honest when I first heard that I assumed it’d be a lesson I wouldn’t be totally invested in. I don’t know why I felt that way because I know just how important the Book of Mormon is. Our teacher basically talked mostly about how reading The Book of Mormon consistently in her family has blessed her families lives in ways that wouldn’t otherwise happen if they weren’t reading the scriptures. Other women shared their stories of how reading The Book of Mormon has given them blessings and peace and guidance and honestly I haven’t felt the spirit that strong in church in a while. They were simple stories, but they were so real and special.

By myself I am pretty good at reading The Book of Mormon. I rarely miss days. But I realized that together as a family of three…I’m not sure if we have ever read the scriptures together. I hate that!

H is only one, but you build habits and traditions even when kids are tiny! Our Relief Society teacher mentioned that her youngest daughter said she doesn’t remember a time their family didn’t read scriptures together. That touched me. How cool would that be to grow up and never be able to remember a day when your family didn’t come together and read out of the greatest book we’ve been given? I want that for my kids! Don’t you?

I’ve ordered The Book of Mormon reader which is basically scripture stories with pictures so as my kids are a little order they can follow along the stories a little easier. But the more I think about it I think I want to read out of the actual scriptures with my kids, even when they’re little. For those of you who are rocking family scripture study, how have you done it with your smaller ones?

I’m so excited to get started on this and make the scriptures so much more prominent, important and a much, much higher priority! The Book of Mormon is important! All the time in church we hear that if we want to talk to Heavenly Father, we should pray to Him and if we want Him to talk to us, we should read the scriptures. Why would I deny my family of that blessing any longer?



Tweets from Montana

We just recently returned home from a weeklong camping vacation to a little place called Fortine in Montana. Its where my father-in-law grew up and is one of their families favorite places to travel. This was my second time going (the last time we went was a few months after we were married) and it was just as enjoyable as the first time. It was a lot different though. Last time I went I was a newlywed with not much responsibility at the camp. This time I had a 20 month old and a 4 month old puppy, plus I’m 25 weeks pregnant. Its a much different trip when you add in those factors. It was more tiring and my back hurts in all kinds of ways, but it was a lot of fun.

I’m not ashamed to say that I missed having cell service every day. I like social media and checking it daily, I’m not afraid to say that. One night while I was laying on our air mattress with H trying to get him to take an afternoon nap I decided to jot down a few things in my notes that I would have tweeted during the week had I been able to have service and live tweet my experience throughout the week.

So here they are. My tweets from Montana.


“Pregnant + camping + hip/back aches = an emotional camper”

“My niece informed me I look more happy when I wear makeup. See if I go makeup-less anymore when I camp”

“Touched 30+ fish today – pulling hooks out of their mouths (and eyes – barf) and everything. I’ve come a long way. Applaud me.”

“All I want to do is sleep in but come 8am the tent gets hotter than the freaking sun. There is no sleeping in here.”


“When I get really hot I turn red as a tomato. I’ve apparently passed this awesome trait on to my son.”

Follow up Tweet “Its real hard to tell if you’re getting sunburnt or if you’re just hot when you’re this way.”

Follow up Tweet “We BETTER not be getting sunburned because I make us reapply sunscreen every 2 hours #masteresthetician”


“Bathing in a lake only makes you feel semi clean because you’re still bathing in a lake.”

“My mother in law is a dear and lets me shower in the trailer. I never feel more refreshed than I do after washing camping off of me.”

“My husband brought his iPad camping with us. Its been a lifesaver come nap and bedtime.”

“We are here 5 days and I brought 5 different swimming suits. If that doesn’t describe who I am then I don’t know what does.”

“Can our next trip be to Disneyland please?”

“My nieces and nephews keep the occasional fish they’ve caught in a large can and way too many times I’ve almost knocked it over.”


“I hate all bugs and I cannot lie.”

“Nature has many weird smells.”

“If you’re pregnant and camping I demand you buy the Theracane and take it with you. It will get you through the aches and pains.”

“My 1 year-old has an amazing talent at being covered in dirt in less than 30 seconds.”




Magical Monday: How to Disney-Brainwash Your Baby

I’m not gonna lie, I get teased a lot about how much Disney I do. But what people don’t understand is that it doesn’t bother me at all – if anything, I take it as a compliment. I love Disney and when people can recognize just how much we love it/obsess over it, its a good thing to me. As H has got a little older people have begun to realize that he, too, is a true Disney fan. How did I get my 20 month old to be such a Disney fan, you may be asking? Continue reading to find out how I brainwashed my child just as my own mom brainwashed me.


  • Accept that there will be criticism. Everyones a critic. People are going to give you a bad time for only giving your kid Disney toys or only watching Disney shows. But guess what? You’re the momma – you make the rules for your kids. The sooner you accept that some people just don’t understand the magic of Disney like you do, the better.
  • Start with the basics. AKA Mickey Mouse. From their first days on earth make sure your baby sees Mickey regularly, however that may be. As they get a little older and you start incorporating toys into their routine, make sure they have plenty of Mickey toys. Call him Mickey. Get excited to see Mickey anywhere and everywhere. Next thing you know they’ll still be pretty tiny and light up when they see their familiar friend.
  • YouTube can be valuable. When H started getting a little older I would turn on YouTube videos of various different Disney Park shows. He immediately took to Mickey and the Magical Map from Disneyland (and he’d totally get excited when he saw the different characters – especially Mickey) and really loves watching the parades. As characters go by I’d name them and slowly begin to familiarize him with who is who.
  • Watch a whole-lot-a Disney movies/tv. H has only seen 2 or 3 non-Disney movies and he only watches Disney Junior on tv. This is just another way to familiarize him with Disney’s great characters. It helps in the brainwashing of your child to be able to recognize lots of characters before they can recognize colors/shapes too.
  • If there is music – make it Disney. We don’t really listen to the radio. My son is only 20 months and I don’t need to fill his head with too much garbage, yet. So if we listen to music it is Disney music 95% of the time (and church music the other 5%). He already recognizes lots of the songs and is extra fond of specific ones. As he gets older we’ll discuss what movie they’re from and associate the song with the characters in the movie and so on.
  • Dawn your Disney apparel. Contrary to popular belief, not all Disney clothes are cheesy. Lots are, yes. But if you look hard enough (or know where to look) you’ll find a lot of cute Disney items for your wardrobe. H loves wearing his Mickey Mouse shirts and love when I wear my Disney shirts. It helps fuel the Disney-lovin’ fire and it adds magic to your day!
  • Do the obvious. I know this isn’t something everyone can do or do frequently, but as often as you can – visit the Disney Parks! Nothing introduces your child to the magic of Disney like being there and don’t think your little one is ever too young to go. Haven’t you heard? Disney is for kids of ALL ages. I can testify that even the tiniest of guests at the Disney Park can enjoy their surroundings – the sounds, the lights, the characters… its magical, even to them.

These are only a few ways but I believe they are some of the basics to get yourself started on the path to brainwashing your future Disney fanatic. Haters gonna hate. Just ignore them and you do you. Disney is the way to go.