Magical Monday: How to Disney-Brainwash Your Baby

I’m not gonna lie, I get teased a lot about how much Disney I do. But what people don’t understand is that it doesn’t bother me at all – if anything, I take it as a compliment. I love Disney and when people can recognize just how much we love it/obsess over it, its a good thing to me. As H has got a little older people have begun to realize that he, too, is a true Disney fan. How did I get my 20 month old to be such a Disney fan, you may be asking? Continue reading to find out how I brainwashed my child just as my own mom brainwashed me.


  • Accept that there will be criticism. Everyones a critic. People are going to give you a bad time for only giving your kid Disney toys or only watching Disney shows. But guess what? You’re the momma – you make the rules for your kids. The sooner you accept that some people just don’t understand the magic of Disney like you do, the better.
  • Start with the basics. AKA Mickey Mouse. From their first days on earth make sure your baby sees Mickey regularly, however that may be. As they get a little older and you start incorporating toys into their routine, make sure they have plenty of Mickey toys. Call him Mickey. Get excited to see Mickey anywhere and everywhere. Next thing you know they’ll still be pretty tiny and light up when they see their familiar friend.
  • YouTube can be valuable. When H started getting a little older I would turn on YouTube videos of various different Disney Park shows. He immediately took to Mickey and the Magical Map from Disneyland (and he’d totally get excited when he saw the different characters – especially Mickey) and really loves watching the parades. As characters go by I’d name them and slowly begin to familiarize him with who is who.
  • Watch a whole-lot-a Disney movies/tv. H has only seen 2 or 3 non-Disney movies and he only watches Disney Junior on tv. This is just another way to familiarize him with Disney’s great characters. It helps in the brainwashing of your child to be able to recognize lots of characters before they can recognize colors/shapes too.
  • If there is music – make it Disney. We don’t really listen to the radio. My son is only 20 months and I don’t need to fill his head with too much garbage, yet. So if we listen to music it is Disney music 95% of the time (and church music the other 5%). He already recognizes lots of the songs and is extra fond of specific ones. As he gets older we’ll discuss what movie they’re from and associate the song with the characters in the movie and so on.
  • Dawn your Disney apparel. Contrary to popular belief, not all Disney clothes are cheesy. Lots are, yes. But if you look hard enough (or know where to look) you’ll find a lot of cute Disney items for your wardrobe. H loves wearing his Mickey Mouse shirts and love when I wear my Disney shirts. It helps fuel the Disney-lovin’ fire and it adds magic to your day!
  • Do the obvious. I know this isn’t something everyone can do or do frequently, but as often as you can – visit the Disney Parks! Nothing introduces your child to the magic of Disney like being there and don’t think your little one is ever too young to go. Haven’t you heard? Disney is for kids of ALL ages. I can testify that even the tiniest of guests at the Disney Park can enjoy their surroundings – the sounds, the lights, the characters… its magical, even to them.

These are only a few ways but I believe they are some of the basics to get yourself started on the path to brainwashing your future Disney fanatic. Haters gonna hate. Just ignore them and you do you. Disney is the way to go.



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