Update on the Frenemies

You guys. I really like our puppy. She is almost five months old and we have had her about three months and a lot has changed with her since the day we got her. Not only has she grown so much bigger and taller, but she has also really started shaping into the dog we have dreamed about for our family and this thrills me. She is still a puppy and she still gets a little wild (like chewing on things she shouldn’t, jumping up on people or the couch and being a little stubborn when it comes to her training) but all things considered she is GREAT.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but my favorite thing about this girl is how patient she is with H. He sits on her, pulls on her, invades her space, pokes her eyes, tries to drag her by her legs, whacks her, pulls her around by her collar, etc and never once has she retaliated. She patiently lets him do his thing or will simply change locations.

They are becoming cute little snugglers and I try to capture those moments whenever they happen then I’ll send the picture off to Wild Man at work and tell him this is what I pictured when I imagined our family dog.


She genuinely loves H. We always say that he is her favorite owner and its quite obvious (don’t worry – pretty sure I’m her least favorite) and oh so adorable. For a long time when she went into H’s room it made me nervous because there are so many books, toys, clothes, shoes and stuff in there that she’d be overjoyed to chew on. Only until recently do I let her spend any amount of time in there but its always been with close supervision. But just in the last few days she follows H in there and will just lay in there and watch him play without – well usually without – chewing on anything of his. Sometimes she’ll even go grab one of her own toys and bring them into his room so she can play too. They play so nice next to each other and with each other. I love it!

As usual, life with our puppy is busy and the bigger my belly is getting and the more my hips and back are hurting I can easily find myself questioning why on earth we got a dog – but we really do love our girl! She’s good. She’s catching on to the way our family works. She *tries* to be obedient. She loves us. Its a good situation.



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