August GBOMB


  • We have officially entered the THIRD TRIMESTER! November is going to be here sooner than we know it and I am thrilled.
  • My sister-in-law had her fifth child – a beautiful little baby girl and she’s just the sweetest little thing. There is nothing like a newborn.
  • I passed my final glucose test! No Gestational Diabetes for me this time around! I could not be more excited about this, seriously. GD was HARD when I was pregnant with H and made me 100% more emotional and blah. I cannot even express how grateful I am to not have it and be done with the tests. I have been dreading the tests since the day I found out I was pregnant so to have them all end with good news is wonderful.
  • We had a fun family trip with Wild Man’s side of the family to Fortine, Montana. It was hot and tiring, but so, so much fun. H was in heaven being able to play with a bunch of his cousins and throw rocks into the lake. I enjoyed all the time to sit and relax and Wild Man was able to live up to his adventure-name (ha) and explore, mountain bike, hike and all that other stuff he loves to do. It was a great time. IMG_7180
  • My cousin got baptized. I haven’t been to a baptism for a little while now and I forgot how sweet and exciting they are. It was a good reminder for me to be able to think about what being baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost has done for my life and how thankful I am for that.
  • Mom and Baby pool parties are still going strong and they are just the best.
  • H and I have been watching even more than usual Disney ride videos on YouTube, along with parades and shows. I love how into it he gets. I cry almost every time watching and I’m pretty sure thats not pregnancy hormones – I can almost guarantee I’d cry even if I weren’t pregnant. Disney is just important and special to me and to see it be something my son loves makes me super proud.


  • In July my morning sickness wasn’t gone, but it was so much more bearable. This month its come back in full force. It stinks, but I know how to deal with it by now and I only have three more months until I’ll be done with it and next thing I know I’ll be missing pregnancy once again. So I can’t really complain too much. IMG_7271
  • A few nights ago our smoke detector randomly went off a few times in the middle of the night. It freaked us out and we jumped out of bed to investigate but there was no fire – no matter how many times it went off – and seeing as we’re all still alive and well I’m guessing it wasn’t carbon monoxide either. But that’ll really shake you! Fire alarms when you have your family in the house will give you terrible anxiety. The next day we were all so sleep deprived and pretty cranky. We’re just glad thats over. And I guess we’re also glad to know our smoke alarms work and are VERY loud.
  • My heartburn has been awful lately. I have only taken Tums to try and help it and its not working very well.


  • I couldn’t decide if I should put this under the Good or Bad category so I’m sticking it here. We were released from our calling as Sunbeam teachers (3-4 year olds) in church. We loved the kids and were finally getting through to them, but I was exhausted. So I was happy and sad all at the same time. I’ve posted about this already, but being able to sit and really enjoy church and listen to lessons now has been rejuvenating and much needed. IMG_7212
  • Mickey’s Halloween Party is coming up at Disneyland and I’m anxiously counting down the days. I’m pretty sure we know what we are going to do for our family costumes (disney themed, obviously) and I honestly can’t let myself think too much more about it or I start going insane.
  • My friend Danica put on a really cool week long online planning class and now I am feeling SO motivated to be a planning queen extraordinaire. Will that happen? I don’t know – hopefully. I have all these new ideas and this new motivation and maybe I’m a dork, but this makes me so excited.
  • Taylor Swifts new song. Isn’t this on everyones mind right now? The debates on social media have been crazy and very opinionated. My thoughts? I think I do like the song. Its darker than the old Taylor, but as we know now – she’s dead. I’m interested in seeing what her new stuff is going to sound like. I’m all for someone being tough and changing it up, but I hope she’s not going to be this new artist thats dark and angsty all the time. We’ll see!
  • I bought (Disney) baby swaddles for baby brother. Did I need them? No, not at all. H had a ton and they’re still in great condition. But these ones were so cute and I couldn’t resist. Now I feel kind of silly because seriously he’s going to have so many. But it just struck me that its less laundry I’ll have to do. So never mind, I’m cool with it.
  • I know its like the dead of Summer right now but every once in a while we get a taste of Fall in the air and I AM SO EXCITED! Once September hits I go into full Fall mode – I cannot wait. IMG_7354



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