To my first and forever best friend, the person who taught me to be kind and search for the good in others and in all situations, who instilled in me a fierce love for all things Disney, who is the reason I’ve wanted to be a mother myself since I was a tiny girl and is the ultimate example of motherhood. To the woman who taught me manners, who’s quiet, powerful testimony I clung to as I got one of my own, who held me accountable, who never missed a recital, game, concert or ceremony, who showed me its ok to be yourself and to be honest. To the woman who makes me laugh, who has wiped countless tears, who always answers the phone and text messages, who listens to me work through anxiety and who never makes me feel inadequate but leaves me feeling fortunate and special. To the woman who I have admired from the day I was born, who is beautiful, magical, wonderful and humble, who is comfortable, genuine, generous and a secure safe place, Happy Mothers Day!

I am proud to be your daughter and I am proud to call you mom.

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