Waking Up

I am not entirely sure what has caused this but I am so thrilled to announce that I am feeling so, so good.

The weather is getting warmer and we are spending a lot more time outside.

I’ve made an exercise goal and I’ve stuck to it. I’ve made a healthy eating goal and I’ve (mostly) stuck to it.

My anxiety, though still very prevalent and powerful, is a little easier to control.

My efforts in different areas of life are bringing about results.

A newfound confidence is slowly creeping back into my life.

I allow myself to be proud of who I am and of my accomplishments, no matter how small or large.

I have made myself a priority. I make sure I always have even a few minutes of uninterrupted me-time a day and its life changing.

The glass is half full.

Sometimes I think I forget that after having a baby you don’t instantly go ‘back to normal.’ If you ask me, you never go back to whatever normal was. You change, but it takes a while to embrace the change and feel all the way good about it. I feel like I’m still in that. Life is different and I’m a different person. But I’m becoming more and more ok and comfortable with this with each passing day. Not every day will feel this way, so I’m mindfully really enjoying these days where I’m feeling so good and I’m praying it lasts a while.

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