Positive Affirmations: Income

This week I’m focusing on my capability of making more money. We are very fortunate that we aren’t in a place where I have to work. I’m so grateful for that. However that doesn’t mean that some side money doesn’t hurt. I have my spa and it keeps me fairly busy and I’m happy with my clientele. I have some blog jobs here and there that offer a little money, too. But then there is this other thing — and I’m going to be really vague right now while its in the works, but if I really stick to it, it will also be a way to make some side money. I’m really excited about this. This affirmation not only reminds me that I can make some extra money for our family, but it is also some motivation to keep on pushing in these beginning stages of this little adventure I’m creating. (sorry to be so cryptic, i am just keeping it under wraps until i have more of a plan figured out)

I am worthy of making more money. I can do this thing, this longtime dream, and make more money! I’m capable of working hard and doing something I’ll enjoy and being able to make some extra income because of it!



How I Prepare for General Conference

General Conference starts a week from today! Who’s excited?

*picture me enthusiastically raising my hand*

I always look forward to General Conference every 6 months, but I’m especially excited for this particular Conference. Rumor has it, there is going to be some announcements made. What about? I don’t think anyone really knows, but there are lots of speculations, theories and predictions out there. Some seem more believable than others, but I’m not getting too hooked on any of them since no one really knows what the announcements could be yet. I’ve also heard that its possible the announcements could be a little uncomfy for some members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints. Thats what I’m most curious about. What on earth could it be?? Luckily I only have a week to wait. I feel calm about the announcements that will be made – I have a testimony that our Prophet, President Nelson gets direction and guidance from the Lord and the things that are going to happen are what God wants. So I’m not worried about my testimony being shaken or my faith wavering, I’m just anxious to hear what it is. If you want to know what these announcements are that will be made, along with hearing some amazing, inspiring talks and beautiful music, I highly suggest you tune in and watch/listen to/read General Conference (Oct 6-7).

The week before General Conference is a big one for me. I am always trying to be a good person throughout the whole year, but I feel like the week before Conference I really up my game because I want to be as prepared as I can be when I hear the words spoken during General Conference. I want to be able to soak in as much of the talks as I can, feel as much of the spirit as I can and be able to learn the things the Lord wants me to learn from the sessions of Conference. Its an exciting time for me that I look forward to.

Here is how I prepare for General Conference:

  • Throughout the six months in between Conferences, I read the talks that were given in the most recent sessions several times. I like to listen to them or read them a few times so I am able to really let the lessons and words soak in. Its also a really great way to set the tone for your day when you listen to a talk in the morning while you get ready – thats my favorite way to do it.
  • The week before Conference I pray specifically to be ready to hear what I need to. I ask that I can be open to hearing whatever kind of guidance I may need and that I will be able to remember the things I’ve learned specifically for myself and that I can act on the promptings I will receive.
  • I come up with 1-5 questions to seek answers to during Conference. A Seminary teacher suggested doing things years ago and I absolutely love it. I come up with a few questions, I pray about them and ask that if its possible, I find the answers or some direction to these questions while I listen to the talks and music. I’ve had several very personal, powerful and special moments during Conference when a question is answered in a simple phrase during a talk. Its amazing and definitely makes my testimony grow. It reminds me just how mindful Heavenly Father is of me, and even my simple, probably not super important questions.
  • I get lots of activities for my kids. I love to take notes during Conference and thats significantly more difficult with children. I make sure I have a lot of things to keep them occupied for as long as possible while I watch so I can focus as best as I can.
  • I make sure I have whatever notebook I’m using to take notes in and some pens that I like to write with. I love taking notes on General Conference and its even more fun with fun, easy-to-write-with pens!
  • I study the scriptures better. I’ve been a slacker with scripture study lately. I read them, but I don’t really study them as much as I should. But I feel like I do a lot better the week leading up to Conference.

What do you do to prepare??

I hope you have a wonderful week before General Conference and I hope you watch/listen to or read the talks!! Theres something in Conference for everyone!


Look Who Got Dressed!

Ever feel like you wear the same thing every single day and thats leggings and your husbands t-shirt? Just me? Cool.

Living this lifestyle makes me feel extra fancy on the days I actually do get ready. I’m not even saying this is a fancy, fashionista outfit. I’m just saying, look at me! Clothes! Real pants! A nice, clean (well for a few hours anyway) shirt!

My whole outfit is from Old Navy, purchased last year




Its the little things.

Positive Affirmation: Patience

The last few weeks I have picked a positive affirmation to focus on for the week. I decided to share this weeks. After a week of…not much patience, I knew I needed to really focus on patience. I’m really excited about it because heaven knows how badly I need some patience in my life. When I first read this over, I scoffed at a few of the phrases because I so didn’t believe them. But I need to change my perspective and I plan to do just that this week. I’m going to be mindful of patience and the knowledge I have of the Lords perfect timing. By the end of this week I have a goal to be more patient – even if it is only a small improvement. Progress is progress!


Along with this inspiring affirmation, I want to keep in mind this quote that I read somewhere a while ago that has stuck with me ever since – and especially when I’m losing patience.

“Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.” -David G. Allen

Speech Delay Update


I haven’t really kept my blog up to date on H’s speech delay and thats mostly because I thought we were kicking the speech delays trash – and we are. H is. Seriously if you could hear him when we started this process back in January to today, you’d be astonished. He’s an amazing boy.

Today (the day i’m typing this up) we had a special screening for H at the preschool he’ll likely be attending here very soon to help with his speech. We always knew it would be a long testing day and it had the possibility of being a hard day – but I didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did.

H is 5-7% intelligible – and getting that 7% put on the paper was only because I told the lady I swear he’s easier to understand than what he was showing today. 5%? I didn’t know they were going to come up with a percentage of how easy to understand he was, but if I would have had to give my own prediction of what percentage I thought he was at, I probably would have said fifty to sixty percent. Not five. I know that since I’m his mom and I am with him 24/7 I understand his funny words and sounds, but I was just feeling so confident that other people, even strangers, could understand him at least half the time.

My immediate feeling was guilt. I should be working harder with him on sounds and words. If I would have done that and been more diligent about that, he wouldn’t be at 5-7%.

Then I was just sad. How sad for H that he’s only understood so infrequently. Is he frustrated? Is he mad about this? Does he feel as misunderstood as he is? Ugh.

The people who tested him were so sweet and patient. They gave him lots of chances to get his words out and for the most part he did a good job with that. Then he started getting sick of it. He didn’t want to cooperate anymore and I couldn’t blame him – he’d been there almost 2 hours at that point. So we ended up rescheduling the last part of his testing for a later date.

I left feeling really defeated. I felt really frustrated. I was frustrated that H didn’t perform as well as he could have or as well as he would have at home. I was frustrated that the people testing him couldn’t understand his words. I was frustrated that we had to do more testing later and that we couldn’t get it all done in one day (now i have more testing to feel anxious about). I was frustrated at myself for thinking he’d fly through this testing and nail every part of it. I was frustrated that he wasn’t into the testing so he wasn’t doing well on the other elements of testing that didn’t have to do with language – like are they going to think he has other issues we need to look at now too? I was frustrated that I was able to see the scores the testers would write down on the papers in front of them when they would ask H a question, and in his own ‘language’ he’d answer, but they didn’t speak his language so they didn’t know and they’d mark that he answered incorrectly or not at all. I was frustrated that I’m not tougher.

But I wasn’t frustrated with H. He did awesome. Thats a lot to ask of an almost three year old. He got wiggly and lost interest in it all, but he did so good. I’m proud of him. He’s amazing, patient, smart and sweet. I couldn’t ask for a better buddy. I see so much progress from him. So much. He used to ‘talk’ with this throat and never opened his mouth. Now he will pretty much repeat any word you ask him to, its just a matter of how easy he is to understand when he says it.

I need to be patient. I’m fully aware this breakdown I’m having is an overreaction. Its just because I really love my boy and I want the best for him. I want him to be able to communicate! He can understand everyone, I wish everyone could understand him! I just keep thinking about how frustrating it must feel to not be able to really talk to anyone besides your parents.

He’ll get there. It might be fast and it might be slower, but he’ll get there. This testing is going to show us as his parents and his future teachers just how to make sure that he does get there! I’m thankful that there are ways to learn about kids individual delays and ways to make an individual plan for that child so they can succeed and thrive. Most of all, I’m thankful for my H. He is awesome and he never ceases to make me proud.


My Sisters Birthday

Earlier this week my sister had her 20th birthday. My other sister and I have sort of made it our tradition that on her birthday we dress like she does. The girl likes her color black and she has a specific niche when it comes to her t-shirts. We always feel so clever copying her style – and one of these days I’ll remember to wear my glasses instead of my contacts on her birthday so we can match even more. I feel like we did an awesome job this year once again. I even got H in on the action and he wore his little Adidas joggers – so cute!

We had a fun day celebrating her. She is one of a kind and had a very one of a kind day that greatly revolved around animals, which couldn’t be more perfect for her. The girl loves animals and wants them all. Unfortunately for her, our other sister and my dad are both allergic to fur so she can’t have all the furry animals she wishes for (they do have two hypoallergenic dogs at least). She has a (very spoiled) beta fish and had a crawfish that recently died (RIP little buddy) and she was very much wanting to grow her creepy-crawly collection. So we helped her out this year for her birthday. For a while now she’s been telling us the only thing she wants for her birthday is a Crested Gecko and as luck would have it, I got a new client who happened to breed and sell Crested Gecko’s! It was perfect. So we arranged to pick her new little pet up on the afternoon of her birthday. She had her little gecko she’d been dreaming about and her birthday was complete. But she’s turning 20. Thats a big deal. We decided to add a little more fun. My sister gave her another crawfish and me and my family gave her two hermit crabs. Of course she still has big plans for several other reptiles, etc to add, but we got her a good place to start.

I love this girl and I’m glad she’s my sister! My wish for her this year is lots of happiness and a few more critters — just please no snakes or spiders.


..the actual birthday girl is in the middle..


My Chris List

I’m not sure how many years the debate has been going on, but make no mistake, it’s still very much alive and well. Which debate? The which-Chris-is-better debate. I’ve given this a lot of thought. I, myself, am a very big Marvel fan so I definitely have strong feelings towards three of the four famous Chris’s, but I also really love Princess Diaries 2, so that causes me not to completely disregard the fourth Chris.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll fill you in real quick. There are four rather famous Chris’s. Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine. All four are lovely and wonderful and easy on the eyes (is that something only old ladies say?) so it’s rather hard to pick your favorite. But…everyone’s doing it. So now I’m going to as well. Oh! Another note, just so you know what I meant in that first paragraph, Chris Pratt is Star-Lord/Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Evans is Captain America, Chris Hemsworth is Thor and Chris Pine is in Princess Diaries 2 (and a lot of other movies, but that’s my favorite of his – maybe you know him better from Star Trek). K, we can continue now.

I had to actually sit and really think about this. I knew quickly who my fourth place would be, but the other three were hard for me. It took me a while to commit to placing each Chris in their ranking. But after much (I’m not even kidding) thought I have finally come up with my list.


4. Chris Pine. I feel bad putting him last on this list. I like him. But if I’m being completely honest, he didn’t make it higher because he isn’t in a Marvel movie. Because of this, he’s the first Chris to slip my mind and the last one I remember. To all the Chris Pine fans reading this, I’m sorry.

3. Chris Evans. This one pained me. Chris Evans seems like a really great guy. He seems so laid back, confident, hilarious and fun to talk to. He’s like a really cool bro. Also, I love him as Captain America and I love how much he loves dogs. Ultimately he landed third on my list because of his political twitter stuff. I’m totally fine that he does it (not that he cares), it’s just that politics lately make me feel so much anxiety and stress and puts me in an unhappy space.

2. Chris Hemsworth. Thor is my favorite so it was hard for me not to put the man who played Thor in first place. I adore Chris Hemsworth. I love that he’s a devoted father and dedicated husband. He seems very humble. His accent is dreamy. Let’s be honest, all of him is dreamy. There is no reason he shouldn’t be in first place. So how did he find himself here? I don’t know. Well maybe I do. Maybe it’s because his eyebrows were just way too blonde in the first Thor.

1. Chris Pratt. Winner, winner! Does anyone not like him? He is happy, true to himself, positive and uplifting, great to his fans, a wonderful dad, hilarious, quirky and not the typical look of your everyday Hollywood heartthrob. He leaves a lot of positive messages in what he says. He’s down to earth. I just don’t see what’s not to admire. To me, he’s the obvious choice for number one.

So what’s your Chris list?