I’m not kidding when I say I anxiously look forward to September all year long. September is the beginning of fall – don’t fight me on this. I don’t care if the days are still hot and you sweat like crazy when you wear your jacket and jeans – it is fall now, ok??

Right now I feel really pumped up about this new month. I’m not sure why exactly, but I just feel like this is going to be the month I really solidify these habits I’ve been trying so hard to form. I feel like I have motivation I haven’t had in a while and will be able to better a bunch of different sides of myself. I want to focus on our home. I want to make it more cozy, organized and comfortable. I want to stay on top of keeping it looking at least semi-tidy. I want to focus on being a good example for my children. I want them to see me working, I want them to see me taking care of myself and my body and I want them to continue to learn, by watching me, how to be a good human being. I want to focus on service too. I have just really, really felt a powerful connection to that word the last few days and I know that can’t be coincidence.

I have some big goals for September, too. I don’t want to talk a whole lot about it yet while I’m still figuring out the game plan and such, but I’m going to attempt to start something. Its been a dream of mine for ages and I feel like I’ve finally got enough of a grip on the idea and my life that I can finally get the ball rolling on this and I am so excited!

I don’t know what September will bring, but I feel ready. I’m excited. Bring it on. But mostly bring on fall colors, cool weather and pumpkin everything.

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