My Chris List

I’m not sure how many years the debate has been going on, but make no mistake, it’s still very much alive and well. Which debate? The which-Chris-is-better debate. I’ve given this a lot of thought. I, myself, am a very big Marvel fan so I definitely have strong feelings towards three of the four famous Chris’s, but I also really love Princess Diaries 2, so that causes me not to completely disregard the fourth Chris.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll fill you in real quick. There are four rather famous Chris’s. Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine. All four are lovely and wonderful and easy on the eyes (is that something only old ladies say?) so it’s rather hard to pick your favorite. But…everyone’s doing it. So now I’m going to as well. Oh! Another note, just so you know what I meant in that first paragraph, Chris Pratt is Star-Lord/Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Evans is Captain America, Chris Hemsworth is Thor and Chris Pine is in Princess Diaries 2 (and a lot of other movies, but that’s my favorite of his – maybe you know him better from Star Trek). K, we can continue now.

I had to actually sit and really think about this. I knew quickly who my fourth place would be, but the other three were hard for me. It took me a while to commit to placing each Chris in their ranking. But after much (I’m not even kidding) thought I have finally come up with my list.


4. Chris Pine. I feel bad putting him last on this list. I like him. But if I’m being completely honest, he didn’t make it higher because he isn’t in a Marvel movie. Because of this, he’s the first Chris to slip my mind and the last one I remember. To all the Chris Pine fans reading this, I’m sorry.

3. Chris Evans. This one pained me. Chris Evans seems like a really great guy. He seems so laid back, confident, hilarious and fun to talk to. He’s like a really cool bro. Also, I love him as Captain America and I love how much he loves dogs. Ultimately he landed third on my list because of his political twitter stuff. I’m totally fine that he does it (not that he cares), it’s just that politics lately make me feel so much anxiety and stress and puts me in an unhappy space.

2. Chris Hemsworth. Thor is my favorite so it was hard for me not to put the man who played Thor in first place. I adore Chris Hemsworth. I love that he’s a devoted father and dedicated husband. He seems very humble. His accent is dreamy. Let’s be honest, all of him is dreamy. There is no reason he shouldn’t be in first place. So how did he find himself here? I don’t know. Well maybe I do. Maybe it’s because his eyebrows were just way too blonde in the first Thor.

1. Chris Pratt. Winner, winner! Does anyone not like him? He is happy, true to himself, positive and uplifting, great to his fans, a wonderful dad, hilarious, quirky and not the typical look of your everyday Hollywood heartthrob. He leaves a lot of positive messages in what he says. He’s down to earth. I just don’t see what’s not to admire. To me, he’s the obvious choice for number one.

So what’s your Chris list?

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