My Sisters Birthday

Earlier this week my sister had her 20th birthday. My other sister and I have sort of made it our tradition that on her birthday we dress like she does. The girl likes her color black and she has a specific niche when it comes to her t-shirts. We always feel so clever copying her style – and one of these days I’ll remember to wear my glasses instead of my contacts on her birthday so we can match even more. I feel like we did an awesome job this year once again. I even got H in on the action and he wore his little Adidas joggers – so cute!

We had a fun day celebrating her. She is one of a kind and had a very one of a kind day that greatly revolved around animals, which couldn’t be more perfect for her. The girl loves animals and wants them all. Unfortunately for her, our other sister and my dad are both allergic to fur so she can’t have all the furry animals she wishes for (they do have two hypoallergenic dogs at least). She has a (very spoiled) beta fish and had a crawfish that recently died (RIP little buddy) and she was very much wanting to grow her creepy-crawly collection. So we helped her out this year for her birthday. For a while now she’s been telling us the only thing she wants for her birthday is a Crested Gecko and as luck would have it, I got a new client who happened to breed and sell Crested Gecko’s! It was perfect. So we arranged to pick her new little pet up on the afternoon of her birthday. She had her little gecko she’d been dreaming about and her birthday was complete. But she’s turning 20. Thats a big deal. We decided to add a little more fun. My sister gave her another crawfish and me and my family gave her two hermit crabs. Of course she still has big plans for several other reptiles, etc to add, but we got her a good place to start.

I love this girl and I’m glad she’s my sister! My wish for her this year is lots of happiness and a few more critters — just please no snakes or spiders.


..the actual birthday girl is in the middle..


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