Positive Affirmations: Income

This week I’m focusing on my capability of making more money. We are very fortunate that we aren’t in a place where I have to work. I’m so grateful for that. However that doesn’t mean that some side money doesn’t hurt. I have my spa and it keeps me fairly busy and I’m happy with my clientele. I have some blog jobs here and there that offer a little money, too. But then there is this other thing — and I’m going to be really vague right now while its in the works, but if I really stick to it, it will also be a way to make some side money. I’m really excited about this. This affirmation not only reminds me that I can make some extra money for our family, but it is also some motivation to keep on pushing in these beginning stages of this little adventure I’m creating. (sorry to be so cryptic, i am just keeping it under wraps until i have more of a plan figured out)

I am worthy of making more money. I can do this thing, this longtime dream, and make more money! I’m capable of working hard and doing something I’ll enjoy and being able to make some extra income because of it!


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