Blessed October

BOO ya! (get it?) October is finally here!


October, to me, is the beginning of the Holiday Season, and if you ask me there is truly no better time of year. I’m pumped. I’m getting good vibes thinking about this month. We have some fun plans and a lot of downtime with lots of moments to fill with fun, hopefully a lot of cleaning and organizing (September wasn’t my greatest month when it came to housework) and time bonding with my boys.

I’m hoping the air gets crisper, the middle of the day turns cooler and the smells become significantly more pumpkin-y. I hope we make it to lots of the Halloween/Fall-themed activities there are around Utah County because I know my boys (especially my 2 year old) would love them. I also hope it moves nice and slow, because next month is birthday month and I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I almost have a three and one year old.

Happy October, friends!! May all your dreams come true.

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