October GBOMB

Hi October, I’d just like to personally thank you for being such a nice month. Not perfect, but nice. Thank you for starting off my favorite time of the year (Oct, Nov, Dec) perfectly. Heres to you.



  • General Conference was at the beginning of the month and I’m quite personally still on a high from it. There were so many talks that really resonated with me. It was so motivating and exciting. I’m so grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints.
  • We took our October Disneyland trip and it was everything. It was refreshing, busy, happy and lovely. We went to Mickey’s Halloween Party (and got lots of compliments on our costumes), we ate delicious treats and food and made lots of new memories. I know I always talk about memories made in Disneyland, but I think its because some of my favorite, most treasured memories happen within the boundaries of a Disney Park, so I’m always so happy to add some new ones to my heap of happy memories. IMG_9804.jpg
  • I’m being very brave putting this under the ‘good’ category. I hope I don’t jinx us. But we started sleep/crib training for real with E (yes, i know – about time!) and…its going so, so well. Like, what? We are still only at the beginning but so far, so, so good. Wow.
  • Halloween was fun. Well, E didn’t think so, but H loved it once the candy started flowing. He got spoiled, thats for sure. I think its safe to say he prefers trick-or-treating in Disneyland, though. While we were trick or treating he kept asking if we could go on ‘Buzz Ride!’ Oh, I love him.



  • We are ended the month with colds, fevers and achey bodies. Great.
  • I had high hopes of being a fun mom this month. I was, but I also wasn’t. We had several plans that didn’t end up happening and I feel guilty about that. My boys love getting out of the house and doing fun things. I was so eager to get them out and have some fun. We did – just not as much as I would have liked to. Hopefully in November we can change that.
  • IMG_3652



  • Craig’s grandma passed away this month. Thats always hard, but always causes me to think a lot about what I believe and how grateful I am for the knowledge that there is life after death and we can see each other again. I always think of the line from a primary song, “families can be together forever through Heavenly Father’s plan.”
  • My opinion has changed a lot lately about Twitter. I’m not as hooked on it as I once was. Earlier I’d sworn it off. But that was short lived. I’m back on it, just a lot less frequently and if I miss a few days or peoples tweets, I’m just fine.
  • H had a few speech screenings in October and his second to last appointment with his speech therapist that has been coming into our home that we LOVE! Its bittersweet. We are going to terribly miss her. She has progressed H so far in his speech journey. He is doing things that a few months ago seemed like he may never do. I’m so proud of him. We are excited to see him in the next phase of this though. In November he’ll be starting a special speech class and some more speech therapy that we have high hopes for.
  • My kids are almost 3 and 1. HOW?????
  • Wild Man went out of town for a few days and I’m very proud to say that I was able to parent alone for a few days with no real hiccups. I knew I could do it, but I was very nervous about night time. I am a chicken and a worrier, so its a scary combo. But we survived!
  • IMG_3775

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