Oh hey, November! Long time, no see.

I’ve had mixed feelings about November approaching so soon. Both of our boys birthdays are in November, and while I am all about any excuse to celebrate them, I am feeling that bittersweet feeling in the pit of my stomach about the fact that they’ll be one year older. Three and one? What? When people tell you time flies when you have kids, believe them. Its so true.

October begins the holidays in my opinion, but the holidays don’t really begin until November comes around if you ask me. November is when I start listening to Christmas music (ok, last week of October this year, but its close enough) and when all those yummy Thanksgiving and Christmas smells, baking and warmth start happening. Its when Christmas shopping kicks into gear and when everything seems a bit cozier. Its also when clothes get comfier, cuter and more fun to wear.

I’m so happy to be in November. I love this month. I hope it will love me back. Here we go!

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