Happy First Birthday, E!

You blink and a whole year has gone by!! I don’t feel like its already been a year, but lo and behold, it has. One whole happy year.

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my sweet E💚 I really can’t believe he is one. I also can’t believe just how much joy, happiness and laughter he has brought our family. He is curious, adventurous and likes to see how far he can push his boundaries. He is brave and independent. He is a mamas boy, dads little buddy and his big brothers little shadow and biggest fan. He is social, playful and funny about food (baby food is hard, whatever moms eating is the goal and nursing is his #1). He says a few words, points and claps at everything, signs a few words, has one little tooth, finally sleeps through the night, stands and is so, so close to walking. Happy Birthday baby boy. You are so loved, so special and so wonderful. I love you to infinity and beyond ❤️

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