Lesson from a Stranger

Yesterday the boys and I went on a little play date with a couple friend and their kids to a big indoor playground. It was so fun. Both boys loved playing and I enjoyed the time to socialize.

Me and my boys were the last of our group to leave – mostly because H was so in love with the play area and never really came out of it so it took a while to track him down. As I suspected, when I finally found him and convinced him to come to the table where all our stuff was and told him it was time to go, he LOST IT. We are talking full scale temper tantrum with very, very loud screaming and lots of wailing. Oh how I love knowing dozens of eyes are on me while I’m trying to wrestle my toddler into his shoes and jacket, while also making sure he doesn’t slam his head into the floor or smack me across the face. Fun!

I finally got him outside and he took off running. I caught him which only made him spiral even more. While I started trying to put E into his car seat, H took off through the parking lot which thankfully had no driving cars in it. Again, I caught him fast and he continued to flip out. E was in his car seat and now it was H’s turn. He attempted to run away one more time before I got him into his seat, not without being kicked and punched many times – tantrums are brutal folks.

I got him buckled and shut the door. I took a deep breath before opening my car door and behind me I heard, “moms are awesome!” in a positive voice. It was some guy about my age who looked like he’d just got off work. He gave me thumbs up and kept on walking.

Luckily I was having a good day and wasn’t getting overwhelmed by this. I was just exhausted because I’d crawled through a child size playground several times with a one year old in hand, then chased a fast 3 year old and put them both in car seats. That’s tiring!

But it got me thinking – that comment could have really perked me up on a bad day. Heck, it perked me up on a good day!

I want to be more like that guy. I want to spread positivity and kindness. I want to make people feel proud of themselves. I want to make strangers smile. I’m glad he reminded me of how simple it can be to make the world even a tiny bit happier.

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