Theres So Much to Be Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope your day is wonderful and I hope you eat so much delicious food that your pants fit a little too tight, but your stomach has never been happier (thats my goal)!

I am grateful for you. I’m thankful for you for taking the time to read my blog, no matter how inconsistent I am or how odd and scattered my posts are. Having readers means a lot to me and I’ve been delighted and overjoyed to watch the number of my followers and readers grow, especially within the last few months. I’m thankful for your time you spend with me here on my blog or other forms of social media.

I am grateful for my family. You know this by now, but I couldn’t post about gratitude without mentioning them. I am grateful for my wonderful, selfless husband who is my rock, my sanity and my happy place. I am grateful for my sons who are my greatest source of joy, my light, my inspiration and my little best friends. My family is amazing and I’m in awe every day of just how blessed I am to have them and be theirs.

I am grateful for my family and my in-laws. I’ve been so blessed to be raised by such an incredible family and marry into an equally as incredible family. I’m so very lucky. I’m thankful that I genuinely like and love each member of these families and have good relationships with them all. I’m grateful for their examples and the memories I have with them all.

I am grateful for my friends. As I sit here and think of this incredible group of friends I have, I can’t help but smile. They’re all so different and unique and they are helping me daily become who I am. They’re all such great supporters, listeners and they just get it. They help me feel like a good mom when I don’t feel that way and they cheer me on as I go through this mother/wife journey.

I am grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints. I’m thankful to know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me, care for me and know me. I’m grateful for prayer and the peace that it brings. I’m thankful for church, the Holy Ghost, the people in my ward and for the overall sense of happiness the gospel has brought me throughout my life.

Throughout my life I have been tremendously blessed. I don’t take these blessings for granted. I’m very aware of just how lucky I am. My heart could explode because of how grateful I truly feel today.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

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