Self Respect Check-In

*If you haven’t read my original post about this journey to gain more self love and self respect I’m taking myself on for the remainder of the year, you can read that here.

This past week my focus was this: Focusing on body love – verbally telling myself things about my body I am grateful for. Doing yoga twice a day, focusing on love and appreciation for my body. I am perfect the way I am right now – I am beautiful the way I am right now. 

Ok, so I knew I’d like this week and I knew it’d be beneficial for me, but I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting such an internal transformation in such a short period of time. I started on Sunday just by standing at my counter putting things away and verbally saying to myself the great things my body has done. Its given me two children, hopefully more in the future. It hasn’t given me any real trouble or health issues. Its gained and lost weight, but its done so kindly. Its been patient with me. Its gently reminded me that sometimes I need to reevaluate how much garbage I’m eating (haha) and its loved me, protected me and given me a literal home for myself. I am very grateful for my body. I really am. I want to make sure I give it more gratitude, recognition and respect as I go forward.

As for the yoga, I’ll be honest – I really flopped. I have a sinus cold/infection whatever and yoga was just out of the picture this week. I was bummed because I’ve been really nailing daily exercise, but my head has been hurting so bad it just wasn’t an option. Yoga will come at a later date.

This coming week my focus is: Every day write down 5 good things about my character (no repeats)! Read the list throughout the day and believe those words. At least 10 minutes of quiet  meditation a day (whether that be yoga, laying in bed, sitting in the spare bedroom in the basement, in the bathtub, etc). 

This one makes me uncomfy as I think about how many things I’ll have to come up with about myself, but I’m ready for the challenge and excited to see how recognizing my good qualities will benefit me. As for meditation, oh my heck bring it on!!

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