Self Respect Check In

This past weeks focus for my Self Love and Respect Journey was: Every day write down 5 good things about my character (no repeats)! Read the list throughout the day and believe those words. At least 10 minutes of quiet  meditation a day (whether that be yoga, laying in bed, sitting in the spare bedroom in the basement, in the bathtub, etc). 

I am actually pretty surprised at how hard it was to come up with five things a day I thought was good about my character. Especially those last few days, I really had to challenge myself. But today as I read through my list of these things I like about myself, I felt a sense of pride and I felt a love for myself that I definitely don’t always feel. These were results I was really hoping to have.

As for meditation…why don’t I do that more? Making sure I had at least ten minutes minutes of peacefulness to myself every day was so therapeutic and calming. I felt good and happy and my mind was clearer.

This coming weeks focus is: Be extra friendly and give service. Every day do something/say something kind to someone else (outside of immediate family) – do this however you think would work best for you and others (in person, on social media, a letter, treats delivered, etc). Be mindful of how many times I say sorry and stop apologizing for my actions that don’t need an apology. For example, sometimes before I start talking or make a comment on something, I’ll start with, ‘sorry,’ or if I feel like I’m in someones way I’ll apologize. I’ll apologize for the way I look, sound, act, etc. Don’t feel embarrassed to have an opinion or to want to speak up or say something. Not all of this needs an apology! I can exist without having to feel like I’m bothering people! 

This is the week I’ve been most excited for. I’m already a few days in and I’m loving it already, but won’t go into it until next week. This weeks challenge feels so Christmas spirit-y and I’m all about that.

Have a great week!

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