2018 GBOMB


  • In January I finally vocalized my concern to Wild Man about my fears about H- specifically that I was stressed out that he was hardly talking at all. In late January/early February we started his speech therapy journey and it took an enormous weight off of my shoulders. It was wonderful to know I wasn’t crazy and making this problem up in my mind and to know we were getting him the help he needed to catch up and thrive. We are basically a year in now and I am amazed as I reflect back on his progress. He’s come leaps and bounds and I’m so, so proud of him.
  • We had several amazing Disney trips this year. We always do and I’m sure I sound like a broken record talking about them, but I love them and they’re some of the most special parts of my year no matter how many times I go. I just really love Disney, you guys. I will always. I’ll never stop. Now lets go back.
  • In September we took a trip to the mountains of Colorado to stay in our cousins uncles huge cabin with some family. This was our second time going on this trip and it just keeps getting better and I’m already looking forward to next year. The boys loved exploring and honestly seeing H take everything in from this new experience for him was amazing – a highlight of the year for sure.
  • Just a few weeks ago I was called to be the Secretary in my wards new Primary Presidency. I have felt so good about this since I was asked to serve in this calling and its such a great feeling. This is exactly where I’m supposed to be in the church, I have no doubt. Its really awesome to be periodically reminded of just how mindful and aware of you that Heavenly Father is.
  • I basically quit Twitter. I was a little sad about it at first, but now I love it. I still check it every few days because I have some great friends I’ve made on there and this is my only way to keep up to date on them, but the more I’m staying away from it, the more I’m realizing I don’t need it and I’m just fine without it. I’d realized that Twitter was draining me. There was a lot of negativity there and I was getting sickened by it. I was ready to be done but wasn’t brave enough to pull the trigger. Then in October, President Nelson challenged the sisters of the church to take a break from social media. Ever since then I have seen that I just don’t need Twitter. Hallelujah.


  • It was a bad year for mental health. Some months and weeks were awesome and I felt like I was so on top of it, but for the most part I felt like I was fighting to stay afloat.
  • I’m pretty sure every month at least one of us was always sick. Thats really exhausting. Hopefully hopefully hopefully 2019 is a healthier ear for us.
  • Its very clear to me that I need to up my housekeeping game. I’m so lucky to have a husband thats incredibly helpful around the house, but I still need to pull more weight than I have the last little while. I get lazy and unmotivated quickly. I’m sure a lot of this correlates with my mental state, but I’m determined to get better at this stuff in the coming year.


  • The end of the year always fills me with questions about the year that is coming up. I’m not setting a whole lot of goals for myself this year. I am going to hopefully just go with the flow and do what feels right. But I’m still so curious about whats to come for our family.
  • Social Media. Its always on my brain. I don’t really even know what to say about it except that I wouldn’t be surprised if my activity and position on it changes in 2019.
  • I love my family. We’ve grown a lot this year and we have made incredible memories with each other throughout these last twelve months. I’m very happy. I’m very blessed.

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