SICK and Blind-ish

Ok January, I have one question for you.


WHY do you insist on being so rough this year, huh? Why is everyone and their dog (except my very lucky husband) sick right now? Why is this month just lousy and so. freaking. long?? Is it February yet?

Are you sick too? Really, though. Is everyone sick? The boys and I have been sick since late December and it’s never even lightened up for us. We just keep adding symptoms and sharing them. Right now the three of us have awful colds that are in our chests, but also our heads. Definitely sinus colds. We also have pink eye.

Funny story that’s totally not a funny story about pink eye. Last night when I went to bed I put my glasses in the same spot I put them every single night and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning they weren’t there. I am super, super blind without my glasses or contacts. I searched around nearby for several minutes before I decided to waste a pair of contacts for a minute so they could help me find my missing glasses. When you have pink eye, contacts are a no-no. Also they’re very painful. So I put them on and went back to my room to find them. Where did I eventually find them? The floor of the entrance of my closet. How did they get there?? No idea. Not only were they in this weird spot, they were also broken. The lense part was separates from both side parts. Also a mystery was that there was only one side part. I’ve yet to find the third piece. Is that crazy? Like what the heck?

So no glasses and contacts are a no. Then remember how I said I’m super blind? Naturally you’d think, time to get new glasses! But I was stuck there too. My glasses prescription is expired and an eye doctor won’t see you for an eye exam while you have pink eye. So I have to wait until I’m all better before I get my new specs. In the meantime I decided to wear Wild Mans glasses which…kind of sort of helped but also kind of sort of didn’t help. They were still pretty darn blurry, but better than nothing. They also made me feel dizzy and nauseous. Fun! I complained a little bit about it on Instagram and one of my lovely friends came to the rescue. She told me she had an extra old pair of glasses that I could give a shot. I did and though they’re not perfect, they’re significantly clearer than Wild Mans prescription. Look! Something good did happen in January! My friend took so much weight and stress off my shoulders while I wait to get new glasses.

There is not point to this post, obviously. I’m just over feeling sick. I’m annoying if having sub-par vision and I just really need a bath, Dr Pepper and chocolate.

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