January in Review

Ok let’s talk about January. It was 31 days, right? Then why did it feel like 301? Why were me and my sons sick every single one of those days? How come my mental health was spiraling this month? Why was it so long and exhausting? I mean don’t get me wrong, there was good stuff in January too (thank goodness), but it was really an off month for us.


  • Despite feeling like garbage every day, I stuck to my exercise goals pretty well this month. I didn’t really do a lot of resolutions this year and I’m determined to be easier on myself and show myself more love and kindness.. So yeah, I missed several days of exercise and I only stuck to my goal of no-more-caffeine for two days, but I’m still doing awesome when it comes to my health. I’m eating things that are good for me, but I’m also eating food that makes me happy. I’m drinking so much more water, but I’m also drinking a lot of Dr Pepper. I’m exercising most days of the week, but I’m not holding myself to any unachievable fitness goals. I feel good about this.
  • E got tubes in his ears. This also was really sad because your 14 month old getting surgery is not super fun, but it’s good because now hopefully the constant ear pain and chronic ear infections will stop. It’s amazing, only a few hours after getting his tubes, he was already a happier kid. Being free from pain has made him so cheerful (even though he was pretty dang happy anyway) and I’m so grateful for it. Also, he’s totally a better walker now – isn’t that funny? I guess the ear pain was throwing his equilibrium off, so once it was gone, walking became so much easier to him!
  • I don’t know what happened or how long it’ll last, but I have this new found motivation to organize every inch of my house. I love it and how fulfilling and gratifying it is.
  • Snuggles. All the sickness has meant so. much. snuggling. and I am here for it. My boys are usually so wiggly and active, so I’ll take in all the cuddles I can get.
  • Modern medicine is amazing, isn’t it? I’m so thankful for it. I’m also so thankful for doctors.
  • H started Sunbeams! While I’m still in denial he’s three, it’s been so much fun to witness. The first week he was pretty devastated that he couldn’t go to Nursery, but now he’s cool with it. He loves his teacher (I do, too), he says his class has lots of friends and every single week after church he’s come up to me and told me that he loves Jesus and Jesus loves him. So it’s amazing.


  • Did I mention we’ve been sick all month? Wild Man somehow got lucky and only just barely got sick, but me and the boys have been sick since Christmas and I’m over it. We’ve had bronchitis, pink eye, sinus infections, colds, sinus colds, double ear infections, terrible chronic coughs, ear surgery, a dislocated shoulder and have pretty much single handedly been keeping Kleenex in business.
  • I was blind for a good portion of the month. My glasses mysteriously broke into 3 pieces at the same time I had pink eye. I couldn’t get new glasses because I didn’t have a current glasses prescription and I couldn’t go to the eye doctor because I had pink eye. I also couldn’t wear contacts because of pink eye. I wore Wild Mans glasses for a while but it made me feel dizzy and sick. Then a dear friend let me borrow her glasses that were a little bit of an improvement. A few days ago I finally got my new prescription and my new glasses will be ready soon! But just in case you didn’t know, being blind, especially when you’re a pretty blind human, is miserable.
  • I’ve never really had winter blues. That is until this month happened. I’ve never felt so eager for summer before! I am a person who claims winter is my favorite month, so it’s a very alien feeling.
  • December brought in a lot of family from out of state, and December brought their departures. Why do some family members have to live far away? Why can’t we snap our fingers and pop in to see them?
  • H turned 3 in November. I keep hearing the term ‘threenager’ and haven’t understood. Until a couple weeks ago. Ohhhh my gosh. Whoever complains about ‘terrible twos’ have clearly not had a three year old yet. H has always been an easy kid, but now all the sudden he tests me every day. He has so much more attitude, he knows how capable he is of being independent and he looooves to hit *please picture my massive eye roll. I’m exhausted. He’s exhausting. Good thing he’s cute and can be a big sweetie, because there are some moments where I just want to hide.
  • Come Follow Me (The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints new at home study material) is amazing and I am so on board with this. I love it and the concept of making home study so much more of a priority is incredible. So why the heck am I allowing myself to slack off a bit? Not a good way to start the year off. I’m still doing it and keeping up with the weekly materials, I just know I could be doing it so much more in depth.


  • I need Disney in my life. Thank heavens we have trips right around the corner. Thank heavens for Disney, am I right?
  • I’ve been serving in my wards Primary presidency for about a month now, and it’s been really incredible. It’s amazing to me how once you are sustained into a calling and you allow yourself to, you feel so connected to that position. My calling is fairly busy and I’m still figuring a lot of things out, but I’m really, really loving it. I serve with a group of amazing women and I’m confident this is where I’m supposed to be in the church right now.
  • Have you ever thought about how weird pets are? No really. This has been on my mind so much lately. They’re just this animals we allow into our homes to stay, eat, sleep and play at for free. We don’t speak the same language and sometimes we bug the heck out of each other. I’ve spent a few late nights up by myself with Penny (our lab) and couldn’t stop thinking about how funny pets are. Does this make me sound crazy?
  • I’m going to be a fun mom in February. No doubt about it, I was a lame mom this month. I already have our February bucket list in a prominent place and I’m ready to crush it.

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