February Review

Thank heavens for February, am I right? Oh I needed February. If you follow me anywhere on Social Media, you know I had strong, upset feelings towards January 2019, so I’m just so glad that February stepped up and restored my faith in this new year.



  • First and foremost – our health was good and I AM GRATEFUL. Healthy kids, healthy dad, healthy mom. Happy life.
  • I got hooked on a show called Poldark, this month. Um. Go watch it. Love it. Thank me later. Its so amazing and I am so emotionally invested that my heart is just about to burst.
  • Wild Man and I had a visit to the temple this month and it was just so, so good. It was exactly what I needed. Things were so amazing there and I’m already craving another visit soon.
  • There was something really great about the time we spent with our families this month. We are so lucky to live so close to most of our families. I hope we always remember how lucky we are. I’m especially grateful my boys are so close to a lot of their cousins.


  • I still haven’t quite figured out how to calm my brain, yet. My mental state is all over the place. Sometimes its fine, but it feels like more often than not I’m feeling really anxious and stressed out. Its not fun


  • Exercise and eating healthy ummmmm just didn’t happen in February. I mean, there were good days, but for the most part I just neglected that part of my life. I have high expectations of myself to get this all back in check in March. It’ll happen, I promise.



  • Lately I’ve been bored of most social media. Something honestly, I never thought I’d say. I’m not ashamed to admit that I love social media. I still love Instagram, but YouTube is usually my very favorite platform but lately I just kind of haven’t cared about it and I’ve got to say, it feels really nice to not feel so attached to it anymore. I feel freer and like a better mom. I don’t know why I have kind of fallen away from it, but I’m sure thankful that I have. Its awesome.
  • We have a really fun vacation coming up soon and I am in that phase of going crazy trying to stay patient. I am so stinkin’ excited and can’t wait. I don’t want to share what it is yet (sorry i’m weird), but don’t worry, between the blog and instagram, I’ll share lots of pictures of it. Its so exciting to have something like this to look forward to. I have just felt the need to get away recently. Our family needs a little break from reality and this will be the perfect way to do so.


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