10 Years of Up!


Ten years ago today, Disney and Pixar released one of the arguably best movies of all time, Up! Both Disney and Pixar have so many movies that I could be celebrating anniversaries of movies every couple days here on my blog, but that would be a little much. But ‘Up’ deserves a post because not only this movie just incredible, wonderful and every other good thing in the world, it also has a very special, sentimental place in my heart. Up, like I said, has been a longtime favorite movie of mine. While we dated, Craig picked up on this. I was obsessed and he took note. So when he proposed to me, he proposed with an Up theme and it made the magical event, all the more amazing. He made me and Adventure Book, the spot he proposed was beside a huge bouquet of balloons, etc. He did good guys. So good. Therefore, Up will always hold a special spot in my heart. It seems fitting since there is such a sweet love story in the beginning of the movie (which I still can’t watch without sobbing).

Happy ten years to you, Up. Thanks for magic, laughs, tears and so much heart-warming.

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