Soaking Up Sunshine

I have never been one to wish for warm weather. Growing up I tended to wish Summer away, because I was all about Winter. My birthday is in the winter and so is Christmas, so I was basically just spending my time wishing it was December. Even as I got older, though I loved Summer, I wasn’t heartbroken when it left and I wasn’t losing my mind waiting for it to approach.

Until I had kids. Summer is so much fun with kids! When the weather allows us to (Utah’s weather has been psycho!), we have spent so, so much time outside and its always the highlight of our day. We go on lots of walks, visit parks, swim at my parents pool, play in our backyard, you know – all that good stuff. Its been heaven on earth. Everything is just a little bit better outside. My house has greatly suffered because I’ve been shirking all responsibility days in a row because outside with the boys is so much more fun!

I’m so glad the warm weather is *mostly* here, now I just hope its here to stay and takes its own sweet time before it fades away again until next year.


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