First Day of School

Maybe you/your kids/siblings/neighborhood kids have already started school, but for my neck of the woods, school starts today. Today is my youngest sisters first day of her Senior year and that’s a lot for my brain to wrap around. Being eleven years older than her, I truly feel like, though I am her oldest sister, I’m also her second mom. So to be honest a tiny piece of me feels like I should be saying, “my baby’s growing up!” (My poor mom..)

But lucky for me, it’s a long, long time until my kids will be starting the first day of their senior year – though I’m sure it’ll be here sooner than I care to know. Harrison will be starting another year of speech preschool next month, and we have actually been doing some home schooling for preschool for him since we missed registration for ‘real’, mainstream preschool this year (long story).

This is me on the first day of some elementary school grade.. I’m sure my mom will be able to inform me which year this was when she reads this post! It’s a very high quality picture of a picture – enjoy.

The first day of school always brought about a lot of emotions for me. As we all know by now, I’m a high anxiety human and have been since I was tiny. When I went to first grade I was so sure that while I was gone, both of my parents would die (it’s real fun living in my brain) so I hated going to school for a long time. I remember my mom making me a special necklace (that I still have!) that had a white heart bead representing my mom, a charm with my picture on it, and another white heard bead representing my dad. She told me when I was nervous to hold the necklace and remember “mom and dad love me.”

As I got into older elementary school I seem to remember liking school quite a bit, though still dealing with a lot of anxiety and worried thoughts. Middle School and Junior High honestly are still a blur. But I know it was a love/hate relationship. Maybe that’s how it was with high school too! Haha!

If today is your first day, I hope your day is great, I hope your school year is great! Remember to be nice, be a friend and to try hard!

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