Today my darling, peach of a little sister turns 21! I feel validated in saying this since I’m eight years older than her: my little girl is growing up!! 

I feel like I tell this story every year on her birthday, but every year on her birthday I’m reminded of how special she is to me, so I’m going to share it again. I was an only child for eight years. Eight long years of watching my friends with their siblings and longing for one of those built in best friends. My parents were trying and trying, but it just wasn’t happening. If you know my sister, then it totally makes sense that she made us all wait for her haha. Finally, I was given the news I’d hoped and hoped and hoped to hear, when I was seven years old. Mom was pregnant. With a girl. My very own sister! My very own best friend. She was so worth the wait. I remember meeting her for the first time a couple hours after she was born. She had tons of dark hair (she’s always had amazing hair) and a cute little button nose that she’s never lost. I was instantly attached to her and that attachment has only grown in these past 21 years.

She is a wonderful person. She’s unique and doesn’t try to change to fit a norm. She is artistic and creative. She is a doting aunt who makes her nephews feel valued and important. She is a good listener. She is beautiful. She loves Kpop and has taught herself Korean. She’s also learned German. She is hilarious and has this sense of humor that I crave. She is tough. She is soft and sweet. She is all things amazing and I am beyond grateful that she was born!

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