The Big TWO Year Old!

I blinked and my little baby boy who came into this world with a bunch of energy and craziness and hasn’t slowed down since, is TWO! I don’t know why I still feel so surprised by this, but Emmett is such a little individual and is almost nothing like his big brother. Emmett is independent and does things his own way in his own time. He is a good, happy boy and he loves being with his family. He loves Mickey Mouse, pretty much all Disney characters really, Hot Wheels, Avengers, dinosaurs and playing with Harrison. He has these big beautiful blue eyes and the cutest, cheesiest smile that instantly melts me into a puddle. He speaks really well, is very smart and curious and is an absolute joy to be around. I feel insanely lucky to be this wonderful boys mama and I am so grateful for him and the person he is and the happiness he brings to our family.

Happy Birthday, Emmett buddy!! I love you to infinity and beyond!!




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