Wow, what? Today Harrison turns FOUR! Four? Thats a big number. He’s been pretty sure for the last few weeks that when he wakes up when he’s four he’s going to be tall enough to reach the ceiling – I hope he isn’t too disappointed if the giant growth spurt he’s been wishing for doesn’t come true. Harrison is my rule follower and my do-gooder and sometimes his personality and behavior reminds me so much of myself that it freaks me out a little. He is very, very smart, happy, helpful and very funny. He is shy, friendly and a hard worker who loves discovering new things and letting curiosity guide his day. He has an imagination that blows us all out of the water and is so entertaining to watch play. He’s currently Hot Wheels and Avengers obsessed, and all he’s asked for, for his birthday is “lots of hot wheels tracks” and I’m happy to say thats a birthday wish that I can guarantee will come true. Happy Birthday, Harrison! I love you to infinity and beyond!




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