Becoming a Bookie

Bookie? Is that a word? Is that something people who read call themselves? Clearly I’m new at this. Don’t judge me too much for that word.

Anyway. I set a goal to read a minimum of ten books in the year 2020. Ten is not a lot. Thats not even a book a month. But thats quite the daunting task for me. But I think its also doable for me. Last year I set a goal to read three books and I only finished two – though I think I started at least 70,000. I just really, really want to be a reader and I feel a little more determined this year. I hope it lasts. No, it will last!

Really I’m hoping that if I post about it, I’ll feel a little extra motivation to accomplish this goal.

I’ve heard lots of times from lots of people that if you want to be a reader, you have to make time to read. Schedule it out. Commit to yourself. I’ve done that and have read/listened to a book every day! I’m excited and I’m proud of myself and anxious to see what all I’ll be reading this year! Currently I’m reading The Crypt Thief and its getting a solid ‘ok’ from me so far.

NOW. If you have any suggestions, tips or support for me as I embark on this journey – please feel free to shoot them my way. I’d be incredibly appreciative. I’d also love book recommendations! I’m typically most into the murder-y type books, but I’m also more open minded to other genres!

Thanks in advance! You’re all wonderful.

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