Yesterday Baby Sister and I officially hit twenty (20!) weeks pregnant – also known as halfway!

Somehow this pregnancy has both been dragging on and flying by all at the same time. This pregnancy, though I think my most painful (but thankfully not my most sick – I think Harrison’s pregnancy will forever hold that title), has been my favorite. I’ve allowed myself to enjoy it differently this time. I feel like now that this is my third child, I feel a little more at ease just letting things be and not being so obsessed about knowing every single thing going on at all times inside my belly. Its been my very favorite so far though because this is the first time I’ve had a kid understand what’s actually going on. Harrison understands that a baby is growing in moms tummy, and he knows that in the summer she’ll “explode” out of moms tummy and he’ll have his new little sister. He talks to my tummy all the time and will often yell “love you, baby!” at my belly as he runs by me. Its the sweetest thing. What makes it all the sweeter is that baby sister totally responds to his voice. When he talks directly to her, she totally wiggles back in response. They’re already bonding and its phenomenal. Emmett has the example of his big brother so he, too, talks to my belly a lot. I’m not sure if he totally gets it though. He calls my stomach, “baby,” but now asks if his tummy is also called baby. I think he’s a little more confused. But once sister comes, I’m assuming it’ll click a little more in his head? I don’t know, I just can’t wait to see these two with their little sister!

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