Quarantine, Day 1

Just kidding. I promise I won’t do a daily log during this whole social distancing period. But guys, how crazy is this world right now?! Today (Monday) is our first official day of social distancing, AKA quarantine. I, personally, plan on really sticking to the whole stay-at-home-often-as-you-can thing. There really isn’t much need for me to leave our house all that often anyway, especially since preschool, speech and all our extra, fun classes have been canceled. I suppose I’ll occasionally have to brave the chaotic grocery stores, but I’m really hoping grocery pickup will pull through for me and I’ll be able to just drive there and have those wonderful Walmart employees load it into my trunk (seriously, bless all grocery store employees right now!)

All in all, I feel pretty prepared for this and pretty calm. We have decent food storage, we have a lot of activities to keep us busy during this time in our homes/yards and lucky us, my nesting is starting to get real, so I’ll be finding plenty of cleaning projects and busy work for us to accomplish while we stick it out at home.

As far as the virus is concerned, I don’t feel too worried about myself or my family. We are all healthy and thankfully not in the demographic of people who need to be extra cautious (though I guess there aren’t really many studies on pregnant women/newborns, so…) and we are doing a good job and sanitizing, using lots of hand sanitizer (now if only I could find some more because my supply is running low) and I really feel like if we were to get corona virus, we’d get over it. But I do still worry for everyone else. My dad has lung issues so he’s at higher risk. I have grandparents I love and care for who are at higher risk. There are wonderful people in my neighborhood who are at higher risk. I just want them to be safe! Thats the part that worries me.

But what is really starting to make me worried is how this is effecting everything else. Right now jobs are seeming to do ok (if I’m wrong, sorry, I’m a stay at home mom – I don’t know tons about the outside world), but I’m truly worried about food supply and how this will effect businesses, etc down the road. I can’t even get too into it because I don’t want to create anxiety in myself that I’ve done a good job at keeping at bay.

I’ll just end this by saying: Wash your hands. You don’t need to buy all the toilet paper. STOP hoarding baby supplies, because there are parents out there who desperately need formula, diapers, wipes, etc, NOW. Leave a few hand sanitizers on the shelf for everyone else. Even though its rough, stay socially distanced from people as much as possible. Practice good hygiene. Pray for the people trying to find solutions to this crazy time of life. Keep being hopeful, smart and kind!

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