That Social Distancing Life


One week down, who knows how many more to go. Although quarantine life certainly has its stresses, I’m personally in support of however long this distancing needs to be. I want to flatten that curve and I want people to be safe and healthy – so we are opting to do our part and stay home.

My boys are the best. Such troopers. I feel terrible for them. Harrison has had preschool, speech and all his extra little classes cancelled and he’s devastated that we can’t go to church so he can go to class there. Emmett desperately misses library class and also is pretty bummed about the lack of church. We’ve talked about ‘the germ’ – thats what we’re referring to Corona Virus as with them – and Harrison understands the importance of everything being closed and postponed, but it doesn’t make him any happier about the whole situation we’ve found ourselves in. Thankfully Harrisons preschool and speech teachers have sent out lessons, activities, etc that have helped the boys feel a little less isolated from their normal routine. Seriously though, I’m so thankful for educators who are helping their students out so much. Its incredible.

Social Distancing has made me really stretch and exercise my mom muscle and I kind of love it. I’ve been forced to find new ways to entertain my kids. We’ve been forced to do things a little out of the ordinary when it comes to our regular day-to-day life. I’ve vowed to myself not to be hard on myself if I’m not super productive, super-mom and the next Martha Stewart coming out of this quarantine. I’m going to try my best and do what I’m comfortable and happy with. I’m going to do what my ever-expanding/constantly hurting body allows me to do with plenty of my time given to my kids, as well as making sure I do things I enjoy, as well.

Its a weird time of life and there is a lot of uncertainty and confusion, but we are trekking along, counting our blessings, using our brains, washing our hands and saying lots of prayers.

Happy Quarantining!

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