How Many Weeks Has It Been Now?


I’m not gonna lie – my blogging brain turned off for a while. I’m not even sure its entirely turned back on, but I’m giving it a try. During this unique time, I’ve found a lot of joy in spending a different time of quality time with my kids. The groove we have found has been really nice. Some days are so productive and others, nothing even remotely productive happens in our house, but I’m grateful for these funny days, nonetheless.

Its been a huge blessing that the weather has been so nice because we’ve spent a lot of time outside. Its good for me to get this big, waddling body moving, even though it usually results in an evening of feeling sore – but to me, its worth it.

Craig has been working from home still (something I’m so grateful for) and is working his bum off in our backyard. He is completely re-doing our backyard and its getting closer and closer to completion every day and I cannot even wait to see the finished job. Craig’s definitely the type that doesn’t like to sit still, so its been good for him to have this project during this social distancing time.

We are missing family and playing with friends, but we have also got really good at truly appreciating one another in our immediate family. We are trying our very best to look at this time as a blessing in disguise and a time of life we’ll look back on with fondness.

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