April 2020

Another month has come and gone. Another month in quarantine. Another month closer to meeting Baby Sister. Another month getting closer to warmer weather, pool time and things going back to whatever our new ‘normal’ will be. Truly, though social distancing has been tough because we miss family, it has not been bad. I’ve actually enjoyed it! I’ve been feeling the pull to get closer to my kids and this has been the perfect opportunity to do so. I’ve wanted to get a lot of house stuff done before the baby comes, and this has given me the perfect opportunity to do so. Its been pretty fun to be ‘stuck’ together as a family for a while, because I know this is not something that happens very often – if at all – in a persons lifetime, so we are choosing to make the best of it!



  • April brought a lot of nice weather, so we spent a lot of time outside and it was so refreshing and reviving. We are lucky to live pretty close to some pretty areas to explore and play at and we have taken advantage of those locations so much this past month and don’t plan on stopping that any time soon.
  • Nesting has hit me in full force and I am loving it. There is nothing quite as satisfying as getting things clean, organized and ready for baby time. I go to bed feeling so accomplished. It just feels good to be doing this much around the house. But on that note, I’m also really happy with myself for not being hard on myself on the days that absolutely nothing productive at all happens.
  • Craig has taken on the big job of completely re-doing our backyard. We were realizing it wasn’t as functional for us as it could be, and last year somehow the dogs made it pretty — not cool, so he decided to start it over and give it a face lift – a much needed one. Its going to be so nice when its all finished and I am foreseeing many, many hours spent out there this Summer. I can’t wait! (Also, thank you, Craig)
  • IMG_4177
  • We had a really nice Easter. It was totally weird not to go spend it with family and take part in tons of egg hunts, etc, like we are used to, but we made it our own special little day and I really loved it. The night before we tried to really drive it into the boys head that we celebrate Easter to commemorate the fact that Christ has made it possible for us to be resurrected and live with our families forever and they more or less understood. Easter morning we let it be all about candy, eggs and Easter baskets, then we tried our best to bring it back to the true meaning. No matter how it was received, it was a nice, peaceful day.
  • The boys finally accepted that when dad works from home they can’t bug him every 5 seconds, which has made my job of corralling them a lot easier.
  • We have gone on several nice car rides during the day and its been good for us. Sometimes we stop at Sodalicious and get a drink and cookie first, then we just drive. Its a change of scenery, while still staying distanced from people and its given us these nice opportunities to really talk with one another.
  • IMG_4160


  • We had about four days where between the two boys, there was some kind of tummy bug going around. It was messy and sad and I did so much laundry, but we are thankful it didn’t last too long and that they’re totally back to themselves, now.
  • I hurt. I mean, no surprise because I’m 7 months pregnant, but I’m still saying it. I hurt. I waddle big time. My hips, back, pelvis and upper thighs ache constantly and my belly is uncomfortable and feels so heavy. I’m trying to view this as further reassurance that I’m just getting closer and closer to my due date. Positive thinking, right?
  • IMG_4068
  • A lot more brother-fights have broken out in April. I mean, I can’t blame the boys, but its still not my favorite thing in the world. Their fights are actually pretty comical. I’ve started letting them duke it out when they need to. Sometimes they don’t need mom to intervene, they just need to whack each other a few times to feel satisfied. But then sometimes they start going for each others eyes or getting just a little too into it and I decide to step in. Its a balance I feel like I’m getting better at. Its usually around these physical fight times I see that its time to do something new. So we put toys away and do some other kind of busy activity.
  • I’ve missed a few days of preschool since ‘Spring Break’ and I feel kind of guilty about it because Harrison loves preschool. But I’m not worrying about it too much.


  • I had no idea at the end of 2019 when I made my word ‘Home‘ for 2020 that I would be spending time in home like I never have before. Isn’t it funny how things work out like that? Its really assisted me in reaching these goals I’ve set for myself and my home though, so thats nice. We have been so good at doing Come Follow Me frequently which has brought a nice spirit into our home. I have been good at making sure the home is clean and happy and having people in the family help make it feel that way. Its just a nice little system thats helping our spirits stay lifted during this funny time.
  • IMG_4406

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