She Did It!

Last Wednesday my youngest sister graduated from High School! I think its safe to say that the class of 2020 has bragging rights for the rest of their lives for the crazy end they had to their Senior year.

So many things were canceled that every high school Senior looks forward to – for my sister, this included Preference, Senior Prom, her end of year Drill Show (she was Head Captain of the Drill Team), and much, much more. I’ve got to say, though, I am so proud of her and her attitude. I know she was bummed – there was no way several months ago when her senior year started that she had even the slightest idea that her last year of school would end so oddly, but she has taken it all in stride, effortlessly. She has kept a good attitude, she’s made the most of it and has found the bright side to each situation that could have easily brought her down. I’m proud of her for graduating, but I’m also so super proud of her for her resilience and optimism. She’s the best.

Her graduation made me think back to mine from several years ago. First of all, my sisters was way better than mine. Her graduation was a drive-by graduation – no long speeches or sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours (the 8 month pregnant woman in me was especially grateful for that part).

I had such a different idea of what my future would hold when I was graduating. I thought I was going to be a Kindergarten teacher. I thought/hoped I’d get married super fast out of school. I thought my friend group and I wouldn’t change at all, and even though we were all going our separate ways, we’d stay as close as we’d always been. I thought I was at the peak of my life and that those were the best days of my life. I thought I knew how to be an adult. I learned pretty fast, however, that my life would actually be pretty different than I assumed it’d turn out – and I’m grateful for that. I love my life now. I wonder what I would have thought back then if I could have got a glimpse into my actual future. I’d probably be shocked to see how different it was – how different I was – than what I planned for. I think I’d be proud and excited of my future.

Now I have to laugh, because the only picture I could find quickly of my graduation that didn’t have friends/boys/family in it, was this one. I had it in an album and captioned this picture with, “looking into my future,” haha! But it seems pretty fitting for this post.

To wrap this up, I just want to tell my sister again how proud I am of her. I can’t wait to see what she does with her life, because I have no doubt it’ll be incredible. Just like her.

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