May 2020


  • Harrison had his adorable little preschool graduation this month and he felt like a star, which made my mom-heart nearly burst into a thousand pieces. It was the cutest. We drove by his preschool while music played and his teachers cheered for him and gave him a gift bag and a balloon. He was on cloud 9 and you could see pride just beaming from him. It was a really awesome experience.
  • My sister also graduated from High School! Best. Graduation. Ever. Can we just start always having drive-by graduations? It was still totally special and personal, but without the uncomfortable chairs, long speeches and the hardship of trying to keep your kids quiet.
  • I’ve been on a nesting spree and I’m all about it. I’m actually a little sad when I realize that after I have baby and I’m healing from my c-section I won’t be able to do all this upkeep on my house that I’ve been so, so obsessed with lately.
  • I’m due next month. Next month! Thats like…soon. I cannot wait. Everything is ready for her. Now we are just waiting for her!!
  • The boys are kind of figuring out bedtime, finally. I mean, its still a pain in the butt getting them to bed and keeping them in bed, but stuff is slowly catching on, especially with Harrison. I’m excited about it and proud of them for trying so hard! They have no idea how much I appreciate it.
  • I love home church. It looks like our church will be starting up again soon, and honestly there is part of me thats bummed out about it. I love doing church from home and I truly feel like my own testimony has grown, as well as the testimony in my little boys. Its exciting and really humbling and beautiful. I actually don’t think my family will be going back to church for a while with me being at the tail end of pregnancy and then we’ll have a newborn. So I believe home church will continue for us for a little bit, but to know its kind of coming to an end does make me a little sad, oddly.
  • I’ve planted my garden flowers and I kid you not, each and every time I see them, I smile. I love flowers so, so, so much. I’m proud of them. They become like children to me and they just bring me so much joy.


  • I’ve started having contractions that hurt. Like bad. Especially at night time. So this could totally be on my ‘good’ list too, because that means we are getting closer and closer to baby time, but I’m a big baby when it comes to pain, so its making the not-so-good list currently.
  • My heartburn had kind of slowed down, but its back with a vengeance. Enough said.
  • I feel like postpartum anxiety is already starting in me. Uh oh. I mean, I’m not surprised though. I’m very grateful that Craig is so supportive of me and in tune with my mental state. He helps me in every way possible and helps me feel validated and not like a psycho woman. I’m trying to be patient and kind with myself. I’m trying to remember that having anxiety doesn’t make me any less of a mother. I’m also clinging to the calm that Craig brings me when it comes to all this. I’m thankful for my family that respects me, especially around baby time – its so appreciated!


  • Mostly, ‘Home’ has been used this month with just lots and lots of cleaning, sanitizing and organizing. A happier mom lives in this house when its orderly and clean. That also helps the spirit live here more abundantly, so its a win-win.
  • We have also been doing pretty well with our daily Come Follow Me study together as a family. I feel like I say it all the time, but I have loved seeing the Book of Mormon stories come to life in my boys minds. I love the questions they ask and the lessons they take away from what we talk about. I love hearing them talk about how the stories we’ve learned can apply to our daily lives. Its special and spiritual and has created such a wonderful feeling in our home.

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