June 2020

I’m going to go ahead and bet that June will be the best month of all of 2020 for our family. I mean, how do you top the birth of a new, precious baby!? Especially when she’s as perfect, sweet and squishy as Flora! I think between starting the month being very pregnant, tired and just done with pregnancy and then spending the rest of June with a newborn, it’s all felt a little but like a blur. A sleepy, wonderful, magical blur.


  • Flora, obviously. You guys, she is perfect. She is beautiful and makes the most adorable squeaky sounds constantly. She loves staring at her brothers and listening to people talk. She is a generally easy baby who sleeps pretty decently and nurses like a champion. She fits into our family seamlessly and honestly I am just so grateful I get to be her mom and that she’s a happy, healthy little girl.
  • I have 3 kids. THREE! That sunk in about a week after having Flora and I’m beaming! All I’ve ever wanted to do is have kids, so being able to grow my family and have another baby be born is just making me feel all the happy feels.
  • Craig had a birthday and Fathers Day! That guy deserves to be celebrated far more than just those two days, but I’m glad that we had those days to celebrate him – even if they were very low key and probably a little boring because we are living the newborn life.
  • I’m still being careful and cautious with social distancing and such, but before Flora was born and a few times afterwards we have been able to spend some time with family and that just feels really good. Especially because coronavirus cases keep on rising so I feel like I may need fo make the decision to be extra careful with my family again.
  • I keep thinking about my doctors and nurses. I’m so thankful for those people and what they do so selflessly for people. For what they did for me. There was one point, ahem, the first time I used the restroom after delivering my baby, that the nurse was helping clean me up, etc, and I just couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for her and what she was doing. Those are good, good people.
  • Harrison started soccer this month and oh my heck, it’s the cutest. He is the happiest little athlete I’ve ever seen. The smile never leaves his face while he plays and he is just so dang happy to be on the field. I love his enthusiasm.


  • For about a week and a half after Flora was born, Harrison and Emmett had a rough time. Not with her, not at all (they super aggressively adore her), but with… everything else? It was really hard. They were easily upset, extra emotional and pretty much never listened and would do a lot of things that otherwise, they knew were naughty. I expected some kind of reaction from them – I mean, they’re 4 and 2 and getting a new little sister is a major life change! It just was harder to navigate than I assumed it would be. But we made it through and I’m proud of us!
  • I didn’t get my epidural in time to deliver my baby. So I had an unmedicated birth. I’ll just leave that there.
  • Having a baby during a pandemic and navigating the extra precautions for germs, social distancing, etc. is rough. Its been a little complicated figuring out how to let family meet the baby without feeling like I’m exposing her to things. Theres a lot of feeling pulled to different sides, but Craig and I are doing our very best to listen to our guts and ultimately do what we believe is best, no matter what people say. That isn’t always easy, but we’re getting better at it. I think.


Newborns bring the most precious spirit into your home. I swear there are extra angels, extra love and extra spirit in your home when a tiny one is there, and I’m trying to be mindful of soaking it all in because I know this time passes fast. As sleepy as we feel and as tricky as it can be to get used to new schedules and a new life, its just magical. We slacked a little with doing Come Follow Me this month, and I kind of feel like thats justified because – you know – newborn. But we still managed to learn new Book of Mormon stories and did our best not to miss family prayer and opportunities to talk about the gospel.

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