July 2020


  • I feel pretty excited to say that we are in a pretty good rhythm, just a month after having Flora! I could go into lots of detail about this, but I’ll just leave it at that. It feels really good!
  • Harrison and Emmett are dreamboat big brothers. They ADORE their sister. They are so patient and kind with her and they dote on her 24/7. When she screams and cries, they don’t even mind. They give her, her binky all the time. They talk to her in these precious baby voices and they are never far from her. They can’t get enough of her. What makes it even sweeter is that Flora loves them just as much. She is entranced by them and loves to stare at them and she gives them the best smiles.
  • Speaking of that – Flora’s smiles. They deserve their own bullet point because those things are magical.
  • Hamilton is on Disney+ and Craig and I are beyond delighted. Just thrilled. We have been listening to the music non-stop and its the very best.


  • I’m pretty sure Flora has colic. Anywhere between 5 and 10 in the evening she is so unhappy. Nothing can calm her down. She’ll nurse for a while and be ok with it, but then just nothing works. Its so sad. I feel so helpless. From what I’ve read, it doesn’t typically last past 12 weeks old (is this true?) but I just wish that she could feel better even faster. I want my baby happy!! It wears Craig and I out on a nightly basis.
  • The boys hate bedtime. Especially Emmett. We’ve officially entered the phase of them getting out of bed and saying the most random, hilarious things. Heaven help me.
  • The AC in my van broke at the end of the month. My car was so stinkin’ hot, driving in it was torture. We got it fixed this week and it reminded me of how grateful I am for cold air. The price wasn’t necessarily my favorite, but it was absolutely necessary. Getting my kids out of the car and seeing them red in the face and covered in sweat was so sad.


Ok, real talk. I got behind on home stuff in July. Thats definitely due to having a new baby, but truly we were so bad at Come Follow Me this month and the cleanliness got out of control many times. BUT I have promised myself I’d try really hard to be patient and kind with myself – especially now in this season of life I’m in. We’ll try harder in August and see wha happens!

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