Magical Monday: Disneyland’s Updates/Buena Vista Street Opening

Alright. I’m tackling it. Here are my abbreviated thoughts and feelings on the ‘openings’ at Disneyland Resort.

Lets start with the very basics in case you aren’t aware. Disneyland is closed due to COVID-19. It has been since March. Downtown Disney opened back up to the public in early July, but Disneyland and California Adventure remain closed. The governor of California has frequently made it sound like big updates would be coming for the opening of Disneyland Resort, but ultimately, not a whole lot has happened to progress the situation (in my opinion). Not very long ago, the Governor announced that Disneyland Resort could not fully open until California had reached Tier 4 (yellow/minimal) and it would run at a limited capacity of 25%. It has been said, “No indoor queuing is allowed for any attraction or ride. For indoor attractions and rides, develop an outdoor queuing system prior to entry into the attractions indoor operation.” So really, realistically, Disneyland won’t be able to reopen for months. Until that area can reach a minimal risk level, things won’t be happening. Who knows how long this will take. Who knows how long it’ll take for COVID to be as under control as the Governor would like in order to open theme parks. Its frustrating and a little infuriating if you ask me. Thats the basic gist of things.

So now onto even more recent things.

Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t, but the newest news at Disneyland is that Buena Vista Street is going to open! Downtown Disney District is going to extend to Buena Vista Street, which is inside California Adventure (think Disneyland’s Main Street). Though this doesn’t open up any attractions or anything, it does open up a few new opportunities for Disney-goers! The thing I’m most excited about is the opening of Elias & Co. Thats their biggest, main store in DCA. Having it open is really, really awesome. On top of the great shopping that will now be opened up, there will be food options, too!! Carthay Circle and Smokejumpers Grill offer places to sit down and dine, while plenty of other treat options will tempt you (you should give in) as well.

Its probably important to note that Buena Vista Street is the only thing that will be open in DCA, because remember, technically California Adventure is still closed. We are lucky to have this little piece of it opened back up. Its a little bit more of the magic to grasp.

I think this is great news. Its a step in the right direction, for sure. Also, the thought of walking inside DCA gives me chills, especially since its been so long since the park has been open. I can’t help but hope that Disneyland’s Main Street won’t be too far behind in opening up to the public. A girl can dream, right?

So what are your thoughts on this? Good? Bad? Too soon? Not soon enough? This is a judgement free zone, I’m just genuinely curious what your thoughts are!! Also, if you’re out of state like me, does having Buena Vista Street and Downtown Disney District open make you think you’ll plan a trip there just for those things?

Lets chat about it!!

I hope your week is magic!

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