Weighted Down


The world is heavy right now. Well, maybe not the world. But America certainly is. This election stuff hurts my heart and jumbles my brain. Its frustrating and hard. Most of all, it makes me really sad about how people can treat one another purely based off of their own opinion.

The phrase, “love one another,” keeps rolling around in my mind. I wish more people repeated that phrase to themselves lately. Maybe, no matter if Biden or Trump wins, and we all vowed to love our neighbor and the random stranger who’s opinion is different than our own, then things could turn out ok. I mean yeah, no matter who wins, things will change. People will still disagree and all that.. I just wish we could be kind. I wish we didn’t have to be afraid to put who we are voting for on social media for fear of terrible backlash and ridicule (not saying everyone fears it, just fyi, but some definitely do)!

I just want to get this off of my chest.

I still love you. You still have a seat at my table. Even if Trump wins. Even if Biden wins. I will still think you’re great. I will still be kind and respectful. I’ll teach my kids to do the same.

I know I’m saying all of this as a privileged, white, straight woman. I’m fully aware this election, and daily life, for that matter, isn’t as hard for me because of those facts. But I want you to know, my respect for a person doesn’t change because of someones political views, religion, race or orientation. I strive to treat everyone with kindness. I judge off of character, not individuality.

I believe we can be ok. But I also believe that for that to really happen, we need to BE KIND.

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