I just recently turned 30 and its a new year. It seems like a perfect time to start a new endeavor, doesn’t it? I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while now, and I don’t think there’s a better time to begin than right this second!

I am starting something I’m calling Lets Learn Friday. Basically, I have wanted to just…know more. I’ve always wished I was more knowledgeable on more things all over the boarder. So this is where you guys come in!

Tell me what you want to learn more about! Tell me, and then I’m going to write down everyones suggestions and I’m going to pick 1-2 a week and do a blog post about the subject so we can learn together!! I’ll also post on my instagram stories and maybe do an instagram post about it, too. I’m even considering doing videos for my YouTube channel, too, if that’ll help me spill to you what I’ve learned about whatever subject I’ll cover that week.

I’m super excited for this. I’m excited to grow my knowledge and hopefully entertain you along the way. Join in with me!! Let me know what YOU wish you knew more about, and let me teach you what I discover!

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