Last night I attended my weekly yoga class. I’ve been trying really hard lately to get back in the habit of daily exercise and pushing myself. I’ve been trying to gain more body confidence too, which I unfortunately lost a lot of after having my third child. I feel like my last couple weeks, I’ve been living in the future. All I can think about is what my life might look like a few months from now if I continue to hold myself accountable and eat healthy and exercise. I get so caught up in what size clothing I might be wearing come June (a year from my last baby). I’ve just been so…non-present.

Then in this yoga class, as the practice began, the lovely instructor said, “while you’re on this mat, I encourage you to only be on the mat. Keep your mind exactly where your body is and live in the present, if only for this hour.” Man, that struck me. I decided to really commit to this challenge. I set up my little mantra for my practice, and it was to be present, because heavens knows I needed to be because truthfully I couldn’t remember the last time I really had been.

So, for that hour, I was present. It took effort, but I tried as best as I could to make sure I only thought about myself, my body, my movement, my stretches and so on. I would’t allow my mind to wander to tomorrow or what was going on at home. I forced myself to think about what my body was doing and how it was feeling. I explored what I was capable of and willed myself to be a little braver and push a little deeper. It turned out to be the the most motivational and inspiring hour. It sounds silly, but at one point I found myself feeling really emotional about it all. It felt so refreshing to just give my mind a mental break and felt equally as refreshing to just focus on myself in the very moment I existed in. It was nothing short of beautiful.

I came away from that practice feeling motivated. I feel inspired to take more time to be still and be present. I may not be able to dedicate an hour every day to it, but I know I can dedicated a period of time every day to it at least. Because you know what? I deserve that. My mind deserves it. My body deserves it. My spirit deserves it.

I now want to issue the same challenge to you guys. Please, take time soon to be present. Mediate. Do yoga. Sit in your bathtub. Lay on your floor. Whatever. But grace yourself with the gift of being absolutely present. Is it nuts if I say its kind of life changing?! Do it. Then tell me about what an amazing experience it was. Lets bond over the beauty of presence.

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