Tummy Troubles and Mama Worries

How pretty is that girl? I melt.

I know my fellow parents and caretakers will understand what I’m saying when I say that sometimes parts of parenthood are so, so heavy. My sweet Flora girl is having some tummy troubles. I, a chronic worrier and anxiety-ridden human being, am having a hard time with it all. She’s just…not herself. I hate it.

Its been nearly three weeks now, but this sweet thing has been having so much diarrhea. She had a week where she threw up just as frequently, but thankfully its now been over a week since we’ve dealt with that part. Her appetite has been fluctuating. She sometimes only has like 3 wet diapers a day. She sometimes won’t drink much. She’s sleepier and more mellow than usual. It scares me. It makes me sad for her.

I’ve been in near-constant (it feels like) conversation with her pediatrician who has been so helpful and supportive. He doesn’t seem too worried about it because she thankfully hasn’t had any fevers, blood in her stool or urine and other scary warning signs like that. So I’m leaning into his calm as much as I can.

His theory is that dairy is the culprit. So, since I’m breastfeeding, both Flora and I are now on a dairy-free diet. AND I’m happy to say that for the most part, I think things are starting to look up? And I don’t think its just in my head, either. Hallelujah. There’s been a little less diarrhea. A little less mellow and a lot more Flora energy. I thiiiink things are looking up. I pray they are. No really. I’m praying so much.

I’m sure its just a dairy intolerance or maybe even a bug. But either way, a sick baby, especially for over three weeks, is hard. I just worry about my kids so much. I want them to have a perfect little childhood and sickness doesn’t go along well with my plans.

I’m just grateful that she’s mostly seeming better. I hope we can continue to figure this out and get her all better sooner rather than later. I’m also grateful for prayer. Holy cow, the amount of times I’ve prayed about her. I’m so happy that Heavenly Father listens to me. Its so comforting.

I love this Flora girl!

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