Long Time, No Type

Hi, friends!! How cringe-y do I sound if I tell you that I’ve genuinely missed you? Well, I don’t care. Because I have. Summer has been crazy. I’ve been busy. I’ve been spending quality time with my kids. I’ve been working on goals ad dreams. I’ve been outside in the pool a lot. I’ve been busy living life and my blog has been seriously neglected.

But lately I’ve felt the urge to get back here and write. I’m not sure what, exactly. I just know I’ve missed it a lot. This is an outlet for me and something I’ve really enjoyed doing for the past several years. AND I just saw that I’ve gained almost 200 new followers on my blog in the past couple weeks?! So I guess I better start entertaining people before they decide to unfollow me 😉

We are in August, which to me is the end of summer and the beginning of fall — if you’re new here, I’m a stereotypical fall gal and canNOT wait for the crisp air and crunchy leaves. But this year, August also means school. My kids are growing up, I guess. Harrison starts Kindergarten this month, and not long after, Emmett will start his first year of preschool. Two kids in school?! Twice a week when both boys are gone, Flora and I are going to have a solid few hours of just the two of us. All of this is so new. So exciting. So crazy. My boys are super thrilled, which is good, because in all honesty its making my mama heart a little anxious.

Craigs brother got married to the most wonderful girl this month and their wedding celebration was something I’m never going to forget. It was such a special, perfect occasion. I’ve just been feeling really grateful about families, love, support and all of that mushy stuff since the wedding festivities. Weddings are just so exciting and happy.

As for me, I’m doing well. I won’t lie, I’ve fallen off of my health goals a little. I’ve visited the gym a little less and have ate a little more carelessly. My mental health has felt this shift and its not always awesome. But I’m aware of it and I’m doing my best to give myself grace and I’m really hoping that once we are on a school schedule here soon I’ll be able to get myself back on track.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my home lately. Planning new projects, making the space a little more ours. Its really exciting to me.

I’ve been kinder to myself. I’m trying to find more positive things about me than negative things, and this positive talk is really helping me out mentally and emotionally.

Life is good. I’m happy to be here. I’m happy you’re here. I’ve missed you guys. I’m sure hoping I can really stick to this blogging train again for a while now.

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